Legal Rights of School Leaders, Teachers, and Students (8th Edition)

Legal Rights of School Leaders, Teachers, and Students (8th Edition)

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By: Martha M. McCarthy, Suzanne E. Eckes, et al.

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This succinct resource helps academic professionals understand how basic legal principles apply to educational questions
Written in a reader-friendly style that legal novices can easily understand, Legal Rights of School Leaders, Teachers, and Students details the principles underlying school law and provides essential guidelines for school personnel to follow in their everyday work. Descriptive scenarios of landmark cases and compelling visuals clarify concepts and help educators understand the context of legal principles as they apply to a range of school issues. While the coverage is comprehensive, the presentation is straightforward and non-technical with extensive footnotes that allow readers to delve further into topics.

This 8th Edition combines two highly successful books, Public School Law: Teachers’ and Students’ Rights and Legal Rights of Teachers and Students, with updated coverage of current and emerging legal issues, policies, and judicial decisions that affect classroom teachers. A new chapter on alternatives to traditional public schooling and expanded discussions of technology and social media use, rights of students with disabilities, and the importance of legal literacy keep readers informed and prepared to face today’s educational issues.

After reading this amazing textbook, I have dramatically increased my legal literacy in a number of ways! As a speech-language pathologist, I am continually concerned with special education law because all of my students are special education students. I received training in graduate school, as well as hands-on training at externships and public school staff meetings. However, I never truly understood the main principles of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act until I read this particular text. This resource developed my ability to spot legal issues, identify applicable laws or legal standards, and apply relevant legal rules and regulations to real life scenarios that I encounter each day.

- rosalyn_williams

This text is a must have for administrators and teachers who are seeking clarity in legal literacy. One of my favorite features of the text is that is bolds the most important points regarding the law for a specific law or court case. The authors make a point to bring in relevant and recent cases to serve as examples to enhance understanding. As a teacher who was not required to have a formal law class in undergrad, my former self would praise the ease of read of this book and also the relevance of its contents. This book is helpful to the novice teacher all the way up to the experienced superintendent of schools, and is a great conversation starter and resource for whole group instruction for faculty to learn education law! I highly recommend!

- harold_foster

I initially bought this book as a requirement for a class and was very nervous about all the content. I assumed it would be somewhat hard to manage and understand. Within the first week of class those fear melted away. While the content can be heavy and technical at times the writers make it approachable. As someone with no law background I finished the text with ease. My legal literacy increased as well as my confidence. This book should be given to every teacher or administrator to help them navigate the legal system.

- taliyah_garcia

Based on two decades of teaching experience, I was drawn to this book as a primary resource for educators looking to build a safe, effective, and productive educational environment. There is certainly a great deal of discussion about legal cases in education with rational reasoning interconnected among hierarchical laws: constitutional, statutory, and case law, and this text guides educators anticipating possible conflicts among all the layers of stakeholders.

- gregory_howard

This text clearly defines and discusses the major legal issues facing educators today. Chapters are organized by topic, so the reader can more quickly find and learn about the subject where they need guidance. Constitutional law and case law are explained without using difficult and undefined legal jargon. The book was written with educators in mind! One note: read the footnotes, which often provide many examples of cases that the main text does not!

- mercy_peterson

A little pricey, but this was the best price I could find for this book. It was a requirement for my graduate class. I actually thoroughly enjoyed this book and I’m glad I purchased it (instead of renting) so I can refer to it if needed.

- ronan_myers

Fast ship - this was a necessary book for a class I am taking and I will refer to it often for all the legal "biggies" one needs to know if education. Love the index.

- mason_miller

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