Last Night at Tremore Beach

Last Night at Tremore Beach

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By: Mikel Santiago

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Last Night at Tremore Beach
I didn't buy this book. I found it laying on a table at the library (quarterly recommended readings). It sounded pretty good, so I borrowed it. My gosh - I started reading and I couldn't stop. If you like your mysteries with a fine mix of paranormal and "downright scary", this is the book. Santiago has his own method of writing and it fits this story perfectly. He had me guessing and cringing along with some, "I've got to put this down!" I love books I don't have to wade through because they're too wordy. This is the right length with a hair-raising ending, I'm looking forward to his next book.

- jonathan_diaz

Peter Harper was a famous pianist but following his distress after his marriage break up he failed to find inspiration to write any more music and moved to an isolated beach side rented cottage in Ireland.

His nearest neighbours Leo and Marie become good friends and his life there is very tranquil.

All this changes on the night he visits Leo and Marie for an evening meal and gets caught up in an horrendous storm on his way back to his cottage.

Peter is struck by lightning and as he recovers from this, he suffers some terrible, frightening nightmares which seem absolutely real to him as he experiences them and they seem to predict something terrible is going to happen both to him, his neighbours and the girl he forms a relationship.

For anyone who liked Stephen King's earlier works, this seems to fit the same category. It has hints of the supernatural along with a cracking storyline which keeps the reader hooked and trying to guess if Peter is slowly going mad, or having a nervous breakdown, or if these nightmares are a vision of things to come.

All the characters are believable and make the reader feel they know them.

I've not come across the author, Mikel Santiago, before but if this book is a hint of further reads to come, I need to find more books by Mikel.

- jurnee_roberts

I had a premonition after a few chapters that this was going to be a load of bobbins. Guess what, I was right.
It is almost immediately confirmed that you know what is going to happen. The only question was, why. At the end the explanation is totally unbelievable.
But the hero has two adorable children (of course), and a new girlfriend who is just wonderfull.
What was most annoying was the American translation. A Dublin born man talks about going to the rest-room (toilet, or jacks), and says people weigh one hundred fifty pounds, etc. And then he goes on about Occam's Razor to provide the simplest explanation. Turns out, the protagonist just has some extrasensory ability.

- marco_torres

Kept me up till 3am to finish reading excellent story
Not quite what I expected ,not quite Stephen King ,but will be looking out for future books from this Author

- noah_johnson

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