KOKOFIT Air Purifier for Home,CADR 320 H13 True HEPA Filter Purifiers Up to 710 Sq.Ft. Quiet Filtration Cleaner for Allergies Pets Remove 99.97% Odors Smoke Dust Mold Pollen in Bedroom Large Room,White

KOKOFIT Air Purifier for Home,CADR 320 H13 True HEPA Filter Purifiers Up to 710 Sq.Ft. Quiet Filtration Cleaner for Allergies Pets Remove 99.97% Odors Smoke Dust Mold Pollen in Bedroom Large Room,White

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I live in Seattle, WA, where the air quality has recently gotten spectacularly bad (AQI over 300) due to the ongoing wildfires. I ordered this air purifier when the air first started to get smoky, and I quickly found myself counting down the days until its arrival. By the time it showed up, I had been suffering for days in my own apartment, with headaches, coughing, etc.

The great news is, this thing really works! When I first plugged it in, it showed an indoors AQI of over 300! Over the next few hours, I watched the meter gradually tick down into the "blue zone", followed by the "green zone"—it has now stabilized around 60-80 in my ~500 sq ft. living space. I move it into my smaller bedroom at night, and it drops the AQI in there even lower. I can once again work at my desk without getting an instant cough/headache. For that reason alone, this gets 5 stars from me—it has made a truly uninhabitable situation habitable.

Here are some more details on what I like/where I think there is room for improvement.

Things I like:
- Gives me clean air and keeps me from feeling sick in my own home.
- Seems to be doing an OK job at cleaning a slightly larger space than it's rated for.
- Fairly unobtrusive in appearance (not a thing of beauty, but it blends into a corner) and sound (it's just white noise while I work/sleep).
- AQI monitor gives me a clear sense of the air quality in the apartment. This has also helped me identify other ways I can help maintain the air quality (e.g., I now know that running the AC causes the air quality to dramatically worsen).
- Came double-boxed/well-packed.

Room for improvement:
- When the unit is powered off, the power button inexplicably flashes red. This seems to be the normal behavior, but is annoying and makes it seem like something is wrong. I am running the unit constantly right now, so it doesn't matter, but it means that I will likely unplug the unit when it's not in use.
- The "sleep mode" (which turns off the bright LED indicators) only works at the lowest fan speed. It would be better if this could be turned on at any fan speed, since I like to run the unit at a higher fan speed even while I'm sleeping.
- Some kind of handles on the sides would be useful for moving the unit around, but that might make it bigger/less sleek.
- I'm not sure the AQI readout is super precisely calibrated (it has at times read higher than the outside air quality), but that doesn't really matter to me—it serves its purpose as a relative air quality gauge.
- I haven't yet seen replacement filters up on Amazon, but I asked the seller and they assured me they'll be available soon—so, no problem here as long as they become available within the next ~6 months!

- Anonymous

I don't often get excited about purchasing appliances, but every time we get a new air filter, I get excited! The technology just gets better and better as time passes. We started our air filter journey with fans and washable filters. That got old quickly as they pop and are quite loud. Our next filter purchase a couple of years later was for a popular brand of fans. They work well, but due to the design, one cracked straight thru during our last move. The filter replacements are also quite pricey. We needed a new one, and this one looked good.

I like the fact that it tells you the air quality. When I tested ours, we were doing pretty well until a pan of lasagna overflowed in the over and smoke billowed. It immediately sensed the change (a jump from 15 to over 200 - higher is worse) in about 30 seconds! It ran on high for about an hour and a half to get it back down, then switched over to low. I like that there is an auto-detect mode!

Other things I like: You can see the life of your filter, looks and feels sturdy but not obnoxious, quiet!

Things that aren't my favorite: The plug is kind of short, haven't seen any filter replacement options yet, but other reviewers said that they are coming!

Overall, I really like this :D

- Anonymous

It’s been two weeks and I love it!!! The air in my room has a cleaner, clearer feel It has an auto feature that works independently scanning the air and runs settings as per air quality.HEPA filter and all that good stuff. Sleep mode (for silent air filtration)...although some prefer the fan in high to create ‘white noise’ in the bedroom. It cleans the air as described...and works pretty fast on high. My girlfriend has BAD allergies and immediately noticed a difference in the room just setting the thing up out of the box a few minutes later the air filter can improve her sleep and help her fall asleep faster. I love it because it always takes me a long time to fall asleep! After my workout, I turned it on and leave the room, cam back in in 5 mins and the smell is all GONE!! Even my girlfriend was amazed by how fast the smell disappeared. Air purifier it’s kind of a must have when you living in California (some areas) because of the fires that randomly start and the smell and the smoke coming in the house which is very dangerous. Using this air purifier is very simple it has on and off button, level, timer and a reset. I keep it running all day on auto mode + sleep mode and sometimes turn up the speed however it is still quite at night. Noise level is very low than other brand that I have had. Overall, this is a nice, simple design and maneuverability that helps with my allergies and I would recommend to others.

- Anonymous

Due to the recent wild fires our Air quality has reached extremely unhealthy levels. Which also led to that air entering the home. It was giving the family issues and we needed to filter that out. That’s where this kokofit air purifier comes in. With its 360 degree design of filtration. It took about 2.5 hours to filter just about our entire downstairs to the point that air felt clean and crisp again.

- 360 degree filtration
- Sleep and auto mode
- Nice LED display
- Cleans the air

- Fan is loud on high

- Anonymous

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