Kids Infinity Gauntlet Cosplay Thanos Arm LED Lights Up Gloves Toys Gift

Kids Infinity Gauntlet Cosplay Thanos Arm LED Lights Up Gloves Toys Gift

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This is meant for a kid to wear but is not designed as such. The battery compartment is held on with just a dab of glue and quickly fell off. There are exposed wires in the glove. I'm not worried about an electrical shock but am concerned the wires could hurt my kid.

- alonzo_thompson

It didn't light up with batteries. We tried them every which way.... Then one day weeks later, it worked.

- nancy_cox

Not very good. The fingers are extremely tight and its very sweaty. One of the stones fell out on the first day. The LED lights dont work even after 2 sets of batteries. Dont waste your money.

- branson_white

This is a cool Gauntlet. My kid wanted the $100 one at the store. I got this one and he said the one at the store wasn't as nice as this one. Shipping took about 3 weeks. It was worth the wait.

- abram_jackson

While it has moveable fingers, the plastic material is stiff and can not make a fist. The lights pop out of the gems sometimes because the wires aren't completely protected by the thin foam insert. To keep my child from ripping the wiring, I used tape to try and cover the wires. My child really enjoys this toy and friends get a kick out of it too.

- evan_wood

My son loves it but he is 2 and isnt using it except for play. If looking for something more realistic id keep looking. Also not very large. If for an adult male hopefully you have a small hand. You cant move very well either so i wouldnt use in a cosplay scene. If for a child to play around with its perfect it also lights up. Would be good as a prop as well. Again not recommended for action though

- iliana_rodriguez

Piece of junk-don’t waste ur money-didn’t light up-could not figure out how to open for the batteries-2 jewels fell out within 2 days (lost) should have come w/batteries for that amount of money I paid. My son wanted it SO BAD & hasn’t touched it since it broke & no lights- hard as a rock- can’t snap fingers like the character does! Don’t buy it ITS JUNK & a waste of hard earned money. Buy a different brand for sure!!

- karlie_gomez

This toy is LOVED by my 8 and 9 year old. They were able to use it enough that they can squeeze the hand closed into a fist and make it snap. I did have to glue the center stone and the red stone back in with super glue, but they are staying just fine.

- elijah_davis

Conforme à la description. Bonne qualité.

- eva_reed

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