Jordan The 10: Air 1 Off-White Mens

Jordan The 10: Air 1 Off-White Mens

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Off white is one of the most well known and respected streetwear brands. They compete with supreme and other high-end streetwear companies. With this, it makes sense that they would collaborate with the most important and most recognizable shoe, the Jordan 1's. This shoe has a high price point due to its collaboration with offwhite. In terms of importance, this shoe is low. It does have a red and white colorway, but its respect in the game is low. It is just a pricey shoe, that tries to gain extra clout by the collaboration, not in looking at the shoe design, colorway, and importance. If one has the money to buy this shoe and wants to flaunt their wealth, this is the shoe for them. However, if someone cares about shoe culture, and the importance of Jordans' there are many other shoes to buy with the same amount of money. Jordans' are some of the most influential shoes. They were created specifically by Nike to target the ghettos and black kids who watched basketball and targetted them as the market. That has expanded, and now these shoes are for anybody. However, the practice of selling and distribution is still in play by Nike. The reason the recent court couples or royal blues are doing so well is that they are reasonably priced, at about $170 retail, and have important colorways that people recognize and respect. These shoes are sold in limited quantities, and the market comes from the reselling and trading of shoes. This is what makes the shoe valuable and popular, not an expensive price tag and a collaboration with a company. These shoes are too expensive, and will not gain the respect they need to become valuable shoes, because they try to skip the steps that make a shoe important.

- brentley_hernandez

Must be out your dam mind to be asking for 8 to 12 thousand dollars for a pair of sneakers SMDH.....unbelievable the times we live in.

- bentlee_king

Just saying these sell for 1100-2200 on stockx

- kaysen_diaz

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