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John Wick Chapter 2 delivers much the same feel, tempo and action sequences as the first. It also has much the same idea- John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is a lethal assassin who is trying to stay retired only to be pulled back in the game. The movie picks up where the first one left off with a great car and motorcycle chase and an immediate high body count as Wick reclaims his stolen Mustang. This all before the opening credits. The plot is similar to the first one as he's pulled back into the game, this time by Italian mobster Santino D-Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio) who demands Wick pay the debt of his blood marker. From here it's mostly Wick and every henchman for hire there is. What made the first John Wick movie enjoyable is it's highly stylized ongoing battles between Wick and the bad guys and here those actions scenes are ramped up and nearly constant. If anything that's the one criticism of this film and that is after a while, all the deaths seem repetitive and more than a little bit ridiculous in his ability to just keep going regardless of sustaining near fatal injuries. There is a sly reunion between Reeves and Laurence Fishburne that has a touch of their work together in the Matrix Trilogy. Also note Reeves did 95% of the fight scenes himself as well as the driving scenes and according to the trivia, he spent three months training for this. I give him credit for dedicating time and energy to throwing himself into the part, and I'm sure emerging with more than a few bumps and bruises as a result. Most actors wouldn't go near this amount of physical action sequences. There is lots of blood with lots of violence but if you liked the first John Wick you should enjoy this return to that world. And the fact that the movie is called Chapter 2 suggests a third chapter won't be far behind.

- ryder_perez

I barely remember John wick but I seem to remember enjoying it. This one? Not so much. What was the appeal supposed to be? Who was I rooting for?
I read some reviews how he had to train for 4 years for fighting and weapons. I’d say it wasn’t worth whatever time he invested.

If you want something over the top the original transporter or fast and furious series.

If you want fighting and action go watch just about any old jet li movie.

This was just poorly done in my opinion. I think it was supposed to be a moral dilemma at first except the only one that felt it was the audience certainly John Wick didn’t care

Also I’ve always like reeves and liked pretty much all his shows. That said whoever said he has learned to act and grown up what the h$&@ are you talking about? He just walks around in silence most of the movie in between all the lame fight scenes.

I used Amazon’s fast forward skip ahead button for a lot of this movie. I think I purchased instead of rented (ouch). I don’t really know what happens in the end and I don’t care either. Now I think that says it all

Skip this one. There’s the traditional lemmings and shills bumping up the score but nothing to see here.

- junior_morales

Mr. Reeves has clearly applied his craft with incredible effort. I'm seeing at least 4 years of serious weapons training there. This movie is an epic continuation. Not just a sequel.

- ronan_myers

I usually hate movies like this because the macho guys are super human (ridiculous). For some reason I absolutely love the John Wick films. Even though he is shot 200 times, hit by several automobiles and continues to get back up without a hair out of place. Not sure what it is but these films are super fun...rock on Keanu.

- linda_davis

This is my go to film for showing off HDR and positional audio and just audio in general. It is far better than the first one in my opinion if for no other reason than the trope used to start off the first film had me groaning in disappointment. The first film wasn't quite as stereotypical and frustrating as Law Abiding Citizen (which I also love but skip the entire intro that establishes the protagonist's motivation because it is infuriately clichéd and lazy on the writers' part) but this movie doesn't even come close to tempting me to skip past the beginning when I re-watch it. The only thing that bothers me is the reliance on unrealistic/impossible body armor. I would prefer to see Keanu use his considerable physical talent to avoid being hit all the time rather than sometimes relying on body armor that can't possibly prevent bullet penetration and even if it did would result in shattered bones, ribs, and significant internal bleeding from internal organs as well as lethally significant temporary incapacitation. It really stretches my ability to suspend disbelief. Fortunately it isn't heavily relied on. Two scenes are particularly bad and the rest are fine.

- camryn_martin

Gratuitous violence, Prince of Satan running a hotel. No cops anywhere as the whole town is shot up. Hired killers by the droves from Sumo wrestlers to pan handlers. Over the top all the way. GREAT!!!!!! Bring me Number 3

- martha_roberts

If you liked the first John Wick movie, you'll like this one. If you haven't seen the first John Wick movie, you need to go back and watch it first, since it sets up what happens in this movie. Lots of action, lots of bodies, lots of Keanu Reeves looking stoic and killing more people. For me, John Wick II is another enjoyable popcorn flick. John Wick II is another non-stop bloody action-filled movie that thankfully minimizes the gore while maximizing the body count. But watching John Wick in action is somehow at times catharsis for our loss of hope and happy endings. Life is not fair or just, but for a moment, we can pretend that we, like John Wick, can be masters of our fate and grab that justice for ourselves, even if it doesn’t require such a bloody sacrifice. Spoiler: The dog does not die in this movie. End of spoiler. Get out the popcorn and fire up the show.

- abby_roberts

Für Freunde von Actionfilmen absolut empfehlenswert. Die Handlung schließt nahtlos an den ersten Teil an. Nach einem kurzen Eröffnungsspektakel folgt eine ereignislose halbe Stunde, welche die dünne Story aufbauen soll. Der Rest des Filmes ist ein einziges Massaker. Mein Kompliment geht hier vor allem an die Stuntcrew. Das Ende des Filmes ist offen und schreit nach einem dritten Teil.
Man darf jedoch nicht wirklich genauer hin sehen. Ähnlich dem Punisher ist John Wick scheinbar unzerstörbar. Selbst schwere Verletzungen scheinen ihn kaum zu behindern oder innerhalb von Minuten zu heilen. Viele Pistolen scheinen bei ihm 20 Schuss und mehr zu haben und auch wenn er nicht genau in die Richtung des Gegners zielt, seine Schüsse treffen trotzdem.
Eigentlich müsste man für diese Schwächen einen Stern abziehen. Insgesamt jedoch hat mir der Film genauso gut gefallen wie der erste Teil und eine schlechte Bewertung wäre nicht gerecht.
Ich jedenfalls freue mich schon auf den 3. Teil.

- lizbeth_moore

Prompt delivery, good quality, top seller, highly recommended 5*

- eden_hill

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