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I'm not a big fan of over-the-top action movies. I was a police officer for 7 years, and I've been in a lot of fights and dangerous situations. Most of the movies I see are so fake, they're hard to watch. When you watch John Wick, you'll see the main character wrestling with foes to get their guns away, running out of bullets mid-fight and having to reload, and most fights end up on the ground, just like they do in real life. When he suffocates someone, it takes them a while to die, and the actors struggle for their lives in a believable way. It's all-around good acting from the main cast and everyone that's just there to get the body count higher. The stories in John Wick and John Wick 2 are great. In the first, John Wick tries to retire from his assassin career after his wife dies of an illness. She gives him a dog so he can love something when she's gone, and he finds a way to have hope through his relationship with the animal. That is until someone breaks into his house to steal his car and kills the dog, causing him to get back into his old ways to get revenge. It's a believable setup and the love and loss of his wife and then dog are heart-wrenching. There is a main set-piece that deserves special mention as well: the Continental Hotel. It's run by the shady element John Wick comes from, and is filled with people like him, but there's one special rule to the place, that no "business" can be conducted on the premises. This makes the hotel a sort of sacred ground and gives it its own life, as it features prominently in both the first and second movie. What also makes the world of the John Wick movies feel real are the use of gold token coins. John has a lot of them, and they're accepted as currency in different places and by different people. When he pays someone in a coin, it makes the world feel like it has existed long before we see it, that the ecosystem didn't just start when the viewer arrived to see it like some movies do.

The second movie's plot involves John Wick having to repay a debt he owes someone from when he first started his career. This forces him out of retirement until his debt is paid. The plot of the second movie isn't as motivating as the first, but the action is even better. There are more fight scenes, and the quality and duration is higher. The gunplay in both of these movies is outstanding. John Wick has supernatural aim with weapons, and it's not like other action movies where the heroes spray bullets everywhere and no one can ever hit what they're aiming at. Keanu moves like a police officer or a soldier, always aiming down sights and prepared for what is coming around the corner. He shoots people in the foot or chest to cause them to drop their guards so he can finish them off with a headshot. He's also not a "good guy", so he kills the people that are trying to kill him without a second thought. I often watch movies where the hero lets the bad guy go and regrets it later. This would never happen with John Wick, and I appreciate him more for that.

I rented the John Wick movies at Redbox, and after I had returned them I found myself thinking about the action sequences again and again. I had to buy them to add them to my collection, and they were just as good during the second and third viewings. They've topped my list of favorite action movies, and I recommend them to anyone who likes expert gun-fighting scenarios without being unrealistic or over-the-top with gore and explosions. I recommend both movies. You don't need to see the first to appreciate the second, but you really should see both as they're that good. Eleven out of five stars if I could.

- moses_howard

John Wick is grieving and angry, very angry. His wife just passed away. In addition the son of a Russian mobster just broke into his home, beat him up with the help of his gang, stole his car and killed his new puppy that was a gift from his dead wife.

John is a retired master assassin for the mob and he was the best in the world at his trade. He is called the Boogeyman in some circles as you never see him coming and you stand no chance to stop him.

He is coming after the mobster’s son and nothing can stop him from seeking and getting his revenge.

This is a bloody and violent movie and if you like that style of film then this is one you should own. I purchased the BluRay version with the DVD and also a digital HD movie with it. I downloaded a VUDU HDX and I streamed it to my digital projector. Both the HDX digital movie and the BluRay disc had excellent video and audio.

I liked this film and gave it 5 stars for being entertaining and action filled.

I am glad that I purchased it to add to my video collection.

- damon_scott

Must See movie. John Wick is one of those action films which that defines a genre. While the reality of the combat may be argued by the combat cogniscenti, the quality of the characterization, the plot and the action raised the bar to such an extent it is hard to find an equal. If you enjoy action movies and you've never watched this movie, you're wrong.

- blake_roberts

Just another shoot'um'up movie.
If you want a suspense plot with some intrigue and substance skip this one.

- mira_reed

We stopped watching it. A completely pointless scene in the movie. Not having watched it until the end, I highly doubt that it was relevant to the rest of the movie.

- hunter_flores

I really liked this movie, although I feel guilty for saying so. On the other hand...they killed his dog! What I really want to comment on, though, is the high visibility the film gives to the use of gold coins by Wick and Vigo. This is not accidental or a random plot device. There's a war on cash going on in the real world, with governments everywhere working towards making all money digital. The alleged reasons are to diminish tax evasion and criminal activities. The real reason is to gain knowledge of and control over all transactions. If you don't believe this, search on "war on cash" and find out for yourself. Hollywood's culture warriors never met a globalist policy they didn't like. Watch the movie again, and note how they hit you in the face with the stacks of gold coins in Wick's and Vigo's safes.

Of course, the other side of this is that they're noting the historical role gold has played as money. In fact, as Alan Greenspan has noted (post-Fed), gold is the only real money. So perhaps there will be an unintended consequence here, as Wickians buy their own gold coins as a store of value. And really -- a one ounce gold coin as a cover charge? Wow!

- vincent_davis

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. This movie had everything. Suspense, romance, drama and action. It was fun hanging out on the set of John Wick 2. I got a chance to meet Keanu Reeves and the crew, can't wait to see the finished product.

- jay_wood

Ich habe hier einige Rezensionen gelesen die den Film fast schon zerreissen und muss zugeben: Man kann es so sehen: Der Plot ist alles andere als innovativ oder einfallsreich. Liegt aber zum nicht ganz unwesentlichen Teil am Genre: Es gibt ja gefühlt zweihundert Millionen Rachethriller.

Ich persönlich mag aber nichtsdetotrotz den Look des Films extrem gerne. Vom stylishen schwarzen Anzug Johns angefangen bis hin zu der eigenen kleinen Parallellwelt der Killer. Mehr möchte ich hier nicht unbedingt verraten. Und wenn man es nicht durch die Realitätsbrille sieht, sondern sich darauf einlässt dann finde ich, ist das ein kurzweiliger Film mit einem Keanu Reeves auf dem Niveau des ersten Matrix - Teiles mit sehr schönen Kampfchoreographien.

- abram_jackson

Ein Knaller Aktion Film vom feinsten der in keiner Sammlung fehlen darf.

John Wick genießt seinen frühen Ruhestand in der Vorstadt. Doch als seine Frau einer tödlichen Krankheit erliegt, verfällt er in Trauer. Nur sein Hund bleibt ihm noch als Gefährte und wird von drei russischen Gangstern getötet, als die in Wicks Haus einbrechen, um einen 1969er Boss Mustang zu stehlen. Damit wird Wick von seiner finsteren Vergangenheit eingeholt, war er doch früher einer der besten Auftragskiller des Landes. Er verlässt die Vorstadtidylle und macht sich, seine Rache vor Augen, auf die Suche nach den Einbrechern. Einer von ihnen ist Iosef Tarasov, der Sohn des einflussreichen Verbrecherbosses Viggo Tarasov, für den Wick selbst einmal gearbeitet hatte. Doch alte Verbindungen zählen jetzt nicht mehr. Und so hat der Rächer bald auch den Ex-Kollegen Marcus an seinen Fersen.

- sandra_sanders

Good quick delivery. Easy to change the audio from German to English. A good film

- austin_howard

En primer lugar, aclarar que mi opinión versa sobre la edición española en blu-ray de "John Wick: Pacto de Sangre", para que no haya malentendidos.
Aclarado eso, y entrando de lleno en el producto en sí, la película se presenta en un estuche amaray sencillo, con un solo disco serigrafiado con la carátula del film.
Entrando en lo técnico, y aunque yo no sea un entendido en la materia como otros, decir que audiovisualmente este blu-ray es una pasada, y creo que Eone ha hecho un gran trabajo, pues la imagen es brutal en todos los sentidos, beneficiándose además de una dirección de fotografía que utiliza una variadísima paleta de colores y de planos medidos, para mostrar la acción en todo su esplendor (meción especial para la secuencia del tiroteo en la exposición de espejos). En cuanto a audios, en catellano nos encontramos con una gran pista en DTS-HD Master audio 7.1 que para mi gusto es muy buena, aunque seguramente el Dolby Atmos de la versión original sea más bruto (yo no tengo equipo para comprobarlo). Aparte incluye subtítulos en castellano e inglés para sordos.
Aparte de eso, incluye más de una hora de extras, que no está nada mal, aunque se hacen cortos si te gusta la saga.
En cuánto a la película en sí, supera con mucho la gran primera parte, no solo en cuánto a acción o guión, sino por expandir el universo "John Wick"de una manera genial, llevándolo hasta un límite que supongo tendrá sus consecuencias en la tercera parte que ya está en preparación.

Por lo demás... ojalá alguna distribuidora se animara a sacar la primera parte en blu-ray aquí en España, aunque fuera una tirada limitada en unidades, porque muchos estaríamos dispuestos a comprarla.
El servicio de Amazon, como siempre, de 10.

- hugo_moore

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