Jeff Bezos: The Force Behind the Brand: Insight and Analysis into the Life and Accomplishments of the Richest Man on the Planet (Billionaire Visionaries Book 1)

Jeff Bezos: The Force Behind the Brand: Insight and Analysis into the Life and Accomplishments of the Richest Man on the Planet (Billionaire Visionaries Book 1)

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By: JR MacGregor

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What is it about him that makes him a super achiever?

What about him can turn an idea into a world-changing mega-company?

What about him is like you and what isn’t?

What can you learn from him? 

Read, and find out.

The need to understand those around us who succeed beyond our own imagination is inherent in all of us. The innate desire is driven by our deep and underlying need to find better ways for us to achieve our own goals, understand our own dreams, and rise to our unique challenges. 

This book is about the underlying events in the life of Jeff Bezos and the ways in which it influenced his life, the way he responded to them, and in the way he used them to his advantage.

The book doesn’t claim to know the fibers that made the content of his heart - no man can know that. But what it does is string together multiple events and sees the shadows that it casts.

All that so that you can find the elements inside you that could be the seed of success, achievement and greatness. The story of Bezos traces a path through his life as a youth and looks at his action and his achievements and deciphers the existence of his greatest achievement – Amazon - in a way that is reflective of his character, his intellect and his upbringing.

His story is unlike any of the other successful people in history. His brand of work ethic is familiar but different.

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At first I thought that this was an authorized biography written by someone who had actually interviewed Mr. Bezos and other Amazon associates for this book. Yet, before ordering the book, I found it a bit strange that I was unable to find ANY information about the author--anywhere.

Then, as I began reading the Kindle version, I noticed way too many typos and grammatical errors for any biography that the likes of Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk might authorize. I also was concerned that the book had no footnotes, leaving me to wonder about the overall accuracy of the content. All of that being said, I found the book to be a fast, interesting read, which is why I gave the author (not sure if male or female) 3 stars instead of 2.

- blaire_wilson

Bezos was born in 1964 Albuquerque to a then unwed mother. ('Pops,' her father, came from a line of settlers - he enlarged the family ranch to 25,000 acres, and was also Regional Director of the AEC. She eventually married a Cuban immigrant of Spanish descent (Miguel) who came here via Operation Peter Pan (15,000 children airlifted in - without parents; his future stepfather was 15 at the time and Jeff would be four when Miguel adopted him). Miguel (Mike) became an EE.

Pops taught self-reliance to Jeff. Usually Jeff worked summers at the ranch; one year he instead got a part-time job at McDonald's. Hating every moment, he quit after a few days and started a summer camp ($600/, for a 10-day event for 4th - 6th graders). Six enrollees (including a brother and sister) - the focus was teaching reasoning. The course included reading parts of 'The Lord of the Rings,' 'Dune,' 'Watership Down,' etc. The science component included space travel, use of fossil fuels, fission generators, etc.

High school valedictorian (speech included evacuating humans for Earth), double major at Princeton - electrical engineering and computer science. .

Bezos decided to start with books in July 1994 because books were the one item in mail order catalogs that fit well with online purchase and shipping - there were so many titles that nobody could print a catalog and send it to every household. In 1994, Americans spent over $60 billion on mail-order products. The first e-commerce sale was a Sting CD in 1994. The Internet solved that problem. Bezos saw the Internet as a channel to reach millions, and books as a product to start with. Amazon began business a year later.

At the time there wasn't much you could get online - Amazon seemed to be an extension of a mail-order store where you got a catalog, then made a purchase over the phone. An Amazon catalog of books would have been larger than the NYC phone directory.

After about 4 months Amazon was doing about $20,000/week in sales.

He had decided to set up business in Seattle because of the tax structure there. (The Supreme Court ruled there would be no sales taxes collected from a company that didn't have physical presence in the state the sale was made - Washington has a low sales tax.) The next warehouse was in Delaware - no sales tax, the third in Reno (no sales tax, close to California.) Today it has a P/E ratio of 230, vs. 37 for Google, 46 for Alibaba, 17 for Apple, and 62 at Microsoft.

More than 100,000 sellers made over $100,000 in 2016, customers spent $200 billion in Amazon in 2017, it has over 40% of the U.S. e-commerce market and over half a million employees. Amazon spent $1.5 billion on shipping in 2016, and took in $3.3 billion from 32 million Prime customers; Prime members spend an average $1,600/year vs. about $600/year for the rest.

Bezos turned to 20 friends/family and raised $50,000 each for less than 1% of the company each. Overall, about 24 people contributed $1 million total for a sixth of the firm. that took about a year. Amazon went public in 1997, bringing in $148 million in revenue at that point. (About half startups make to the 5th year.)

Bezos believed that objectives superseded all other events - if you want to do something, you do it before you set out on doing anything else and you are not done until you succeed. Effort towards significant achievement is not about rewards - its the internal satisfaction.

It took 15 months to et the website ready.

- quincy_garcia

When I made this purchase I also purchased The New New Thing by Michael Lewis. The New New Thing gave me what I was looking for, "A Silicon Valley Story." A closer reading of the cover of the MacGregor book might have saved me my extreme disappointment, as it purports to provide insights and analysis of Bezos life. I would have been only moderately disappointed if the book had provided meaningful insights and analysis without biographical detail, but it failed to do this. The "book" is only 141 pages of double spaced, one inch margin, 12 pt. type, and MacGregor repeats himself in every chapter by referring to a previous chapter or a later chapter. I did not fine a single redeeming feature in this book and the only thing I learned was to read the description and reviews before buy an author I have not read before.

- payton_sanders

Very little detail. Short book. One or two ideas but for the most part just a lot of rambling about nothing.
We know he works hard, is smart and is a risk taker, but more detail about how the magic happened would have been nice.
Also I am sure there were some failures. More details about how he handled them would have been interesting.
I wish I was one of the original investors. 20 people invested $50,000 and if they still own the stock it is worth 8 + billion.
I was very disappointed with the book overall.

- jimmy_price

This book didn't turn out to be what I was looking for. I wanted a book that would delve into the life of Bezos & help me learn what kind of man he is & why. This book billed itself as that but it isn't. It seemed like it was written by someone who knew just a little about the subject 's life & bulked up the rest with filler. And it was filler that was preachy about respecting Bezos & aspiring to that level of drive. I wasn't looking for a motivational book & I didn't get what I was looking for. I was bored & disappointed as I read it & was glad when it came to an end. Oh, one more thing. The author also claimed that Bezos isn't a gifted genius but just a highly driven man. Come on!

- cain_flores

Had the author copied the content from Jeff Bezos' page on wikipedia, the reader would get incomparably more information.
The basic (and always repeated) pattern in this book is: Jeff Bezos is hard working man with clear vision, which helped him build Amazon, because building amazon in 90' required someone, who had a clear vision and was able to work hard. By building Amazon, Jeff Bezos demonstrated he has had clear vision and has been working hard, because, one must realize, that building Amazon was something, that required someone with clear vision, ... etc"

I gave up around 40% of the book. I was just tired of running in circles with the author...

- santana_smith

This book was more about the authors personal life han that I care to know. There was a paragargh or two about Bozos and then 4 pages about the author and his thoughts. I don't know maybe someone finds that interesting but I was did not. Sorry.....

- kensley_watson

Other than the fact the book needed a good proofreader/editor, I found it interesting. As others noted just not enough detail. Early on, however, the author does describe some of Jeff Bezos’ childhood experiences that formed the mindset that eventually built the company we now know as It was a fast read, but lacked that little something.

- kimora_reyes

I was looking for a step by step recount of Besoz and Amazon’s rise with all the ups and downs the company faced and instead was dissapointed by a fluff piece with a few facts highlighted and the author desperately trying to compare himself to Bezos. I don’t want to know how the author relates to Bezos I want to know what he did so that I can be inspired not someone to tell me I should be. My expectations where completely let down and was very disappointed in this book. I would recommend Alibaba: the house that Jack Ma Built as an example of a brilliant biography or Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance which are a lot better. Jeff Bezos this is a biography about you on your shopping site perhaps you’d like to do some quality control?

- agustin_nelson

Expected a compelling story about Jeff Bezos. In the end got an introduction how the author and his family get inspired by Bezos and hardly anything about the man. Also. couldn’t stand being reminded about 100 times in the book what it’s about and why he’s doing it.

- kaison_cox

Knew little about him so I enjoyed the book

- dana_flores

Valida sintesi del percorso del personaggio con qualche riflessione interessante.
Mi aspettavo più “profondità” ma va bene anche così se serve per avere un’idea del personaggio e dei suoi metodi.

- seamus_kim

The book is needing some kind of passion. A good book, but it's too brief to what I was expecting. You can read Dog Shoe by Phil Knight and you'll get a beautiful energy.

- cedric_chavez

Great read to build a better thought process!! Thank you author.

- eloise_hughes

Interesting story

- xander_morales

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