Jack & Jill

Jack & Jill

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By: James Patterson, Ron Butler, et al.

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In the middle of the night, a controversial US senator is found murdered in bed in his Georgetown pied-à-terre. The police turn up only one clue: a mysterious rhyme signed "Jack and Jill" promising that this is just the beginning. Jack and Jill are out to get the rich and famous, and they will stop at nothing until their fiendish plan is carried out. 

Meanwhile, Washington, DC, homicide detective Alex Cross is called to a murder scene only blocks from his house, far from the corridors of power where he spends his days. The victim: a beautiful little girl, savagely beaten - and deposited in front of the elementary school Cross' son, Damon, attends. 

Could there be a connection between the two murders? As Cross tries to put the pieces together, the killer - or killers - strikes again. And again. No one in Washington is safe - not children, not politicians, not even the president of the United States. Only Alex Cross has the skills and the courage to crack the case - but will he discover the truth in time? 

A relentless roller coaster of heart-pounding suspense and jolting plot twists, Jack and Jill proves that no one can write a more compelling thriller than James Patterson - the master of the nonstop nightmare. 

I'm working my way through the Alex Cross novels, and this one really caught my attention. No one knows who Jack & Jill truly are, but Cross (and the Secret Service) is hot on their trail, but that's not the only case that draws Cross in. I like how there are different plots going on, and they all link back to Cross, who is not just worried about the serial killers looking to kill the next celebrity, or the serial killer who wants to kill another child, but the idea that Soneji is still out there, lurking. The mystery is wonderful, and the time period, as it was written years ago, brings me back. I read it every chance I could get and I look forward to more mysteries and thrilling rides from Patterson and Alex Cross.

- jaelyn_taylor

I think this book is the best one I have read. I have read eight of the Alex Cross books so far. The story has the most complete picture of who James Patterson's Alex Cross is and what the "Dragon Slayer" does in order to stop these serial Killers. The killers are most often very intelligent psychopaths who have no feelings of guilt or remorse.
Alex goes through so much in every case that you wonder how anyone could not loose a sense of who he is. His children, grandmother, good friend and music seem to give him the mooring to keep his self coming back and going again. What diabolical people he is dealing with, "Jack and Jill" and the killer of the little children in his own neighborhood, at the same time. He does see the good in some people he interacts with and that makes thing better but you never know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.
All in all, I believe this book could be a made into a very good movie but there is too much to tell so one of those FX network series might work.

- peter_gonzales

Alex Cross finds himself trying to juggle two serial murder cases. The first one is close to home where someone has brutally killed two children just blocks away from Cross' house. Against his desire Cross is taken off that case to pursue another serial killer, someone killing influential people in DC. As he investigates that case and finds that there is a bigger conspiracy in that case than he first believed he's haunted by the rage-filled murders of the young children near his home. There's a few good twists in this book and it's better than some of the other Cross books that I have read.

- rose_green

I'm not a book reviewer rather a book reader and writer.

I like the fast pace of James Patterson's books and his short chapters. This is the second one I've read of the Alex Cross series. I'm a slow reader only because I don't read a book in one sitting. I read it in between writing my novels and researching writing techniques and participating on writing boards. I'd say though with this book I became a faster reader, wanting to finish it. It kept me on edge with one twist and turn and new info with each page as the mystery of whodunit unfolded and became clearer. It was definitely a page turner, hooking me from the first page to the last.

I purchased another author's book, which had excellent reviews, and could never keep my interest in the novel. I'm going to stick with James Patterson, Michael Connelly, and Michael Weaver for thrillers.

- madelynn_collins

A child killer, and some psychopaths killing famous people are he backdrop for this amazing book.
This book opens with the execution style death of a sitting United States Senator and then brutal attack on a small child that leaves the reader gasping.
Dr. Cross is assigned to the child killing, and after the death of the second high profile individual, he is also assigned to work with the FBI during their investigation.
The book proceeds with twists and turns which more than keep the reader's attention.
This writer maintains his style of detail and exciting plot lines.

- dalary_wilson

For a third installment, this is actually really good. It's not as good as "Kiss Girls", but I surprisingly think it is a little better than "Along Came A Spider". For a sequel it delivers well on its promise.

I really love the two main villains in this novel, Jack and Jill. I also like the weird romance between the two that is thrown in from time to time, it just fits the description of them and also fits just how crazy they are. I don't know why, but I kinda route for these two for some reason. I know that I don't really want to, but Patterson does a good job in putting the right attention on them to make me want to. Alex Cross himself feels like he is moving up in the series. He feels more experienced than the other two novels and more alert. Also, his kids are so adorable and cute to watch (or read about). The novel itself takes things to a whole new level and allow a new feeling that stays true to the first two novels.

But then there are some problems that I do have with this novel. There are way to many sub-plots going on at once, one of which is about a child-murderer going on in Alex's neighborhood and it doesn't really fit the story. It actually feels like a completely different story. And as always, Alex gets a new love interest named Christine Johnson. We all know the problem, "it feels a little forced", just like with Jezzie from "Along Came A Spider". While I do like Christine I just can't help but feel that the romance could have been done a little better. But the one thing that I don't like is the ending. I won't spoil anything, but the ending leaves out a mystery that is never solved.

In the end, "Jack & Jill" is a good third installment to the series and I think it holds up well on its own. It offers something new and it continues the story to new levels. I say that "Jack & Jill" deserves the attention of all Alex Cross fans.

- lachlan_patel

This is the third book in the Alex Cross Series. In the middle of the night a US senator is found murdered in bed. The police turn up and find only one clue a note signed Jack & Jill, which is the start of a set of murders involving high echelons.

Elsewhere, two children are brutally murdered, Alex Cross is called in to investigate both cases - are they connected? The twists and turns are sharp and steep and its makes you question the whole concept of power - who has it, how they use it and why!

The pages turn themselves and this fast paced novel. The only thing I she say is read and enjoy.

- kaiden_green

Jack & Jill gives a creepy insight into the inter-workings of our government. Although, it is a fiction novel, Im sure the plans that took place in this novel have been attempted before.

Jack & Jill are two high profile killers in Washington D.C. They kill people that are held high in the public eye and are working their way towards their ultimate goal -- Killing the real Jack & Jill -- Mr. and Mrs. President of the United States.

Can Alex Cross catch them before it is too late?

At the same time, there are mysterious children murders happening in Cross's neighborhood. With his heart in trying to solve the case, he gets pulled off and put on the Jack and Jill case.
He goes undercover with his partner Sampson and a few guys from their department to try to solve the cases themselves. The cases aren't getting much attention because of the high profile murders.

This novel is fast paced and keeps you guessing until Patterson is ready to reveal the whole story to you. The Jack and Jill killings were intimate but lacking emotions. The child murders left me quite sad and cringing.

- veda_murphy

I can't say that this book has a gripping plot, although it is. It is so disturbing, I had to stop reading. Took a breather and then started to read again.

The twists were never ending. One done, another one cropped up. How could the author work up so many surprises in one story? Truly amazing mind.

I enjoyed this book. I wouldn't say this is a story that is easy to swallow. It's disturbing. It's bizarre. It's terribly crazy to it's core.

- dream_ramirez

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