Intro To Java Programming, Comprehensive Version

Intro To Java Programming, Comprehensive Version

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By: Y. Daniel Liang

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Please Read Notes: Brand New, International Softcover Edition, Printed in black and white pages, minor self wear on the cover or pages, Sale restriction may be printed on the book, but Book name, contents, and author are exactly same as Hardcover Edition. Fast delivery through DHL/FedEx express.
I think the author did justice to each topic: basic programming, object orientation/classes, JaveFX, etc.

I would have LOVED more examples and a greater emphasis on program design, debugging, and problem solving. I'd say 90% of my beginner frustrations weren't with the misunderstanding the concepts but just not knowing how to properly get myself un-stuck when my program was compiling right but not returning the right result.

If you're a beginning JAVA student who benefits from reading about concepts instead of just stackoverflow-ing everything, this is a reasonable textbook to rent/buy.

- natasha_morgan

It came to my house really quick about within 2 days. It comes with many chapters about general programming and advanced but the beginning chapters give you a really good foundation of how to program and what are terms and as well of what's java and other programming languages. Without this book I wouldn't have learn so much about making a program. This is too much information for a great value!

- sofia_anderson

For the most part the author does a good job of explaining Java, but there are some parts that could be more thoroughly expanded. The chapter about loops doesn't have a lot of examples and the examples that are shown in the chapter are SO much more simpler than the programs the practice section has you doing, which are all these elaborate, difficult programs with loops that are never shown in the chapter. You could say this is where "programming thinking" comes into play, but this is supposed to be an intro to java programming. I think the author forgets that sometimes.

Also one chapter exercise (I believe chapter 3) tells you to make a program to check for palindromes, and again, there is no example of how to go about doing that in the chapter at all. In fact, palindromes aren't mentioned by the author in the text until chapter 6. The book has a few oversights like this.

- everett_brown

I've used the ebook version and I found it hard to keep track and it made reading daunting. But once I got the physical copy and what a difference. The arrangement of the material is sometimes confusing so I reread some chapter 2-3 times to understand it better and it worked. Take your time and practice practice practice.

- kenzie_cooper

Needed for a class, and then the instructor didn't even use the book. Covers all of the Java functionality and written like most other programming books, lots of options, features and functions covered all at once.

- kaydence_castillo

I've been programming with Java for a while now, and I can't stress how useful this textbook has been for me. If you're looking forward to grasp the full potential of Java, I definitely recommend this textbook over any other. When you purchase a new copy, you will also receive online access and more chapters. Just keep in mind that some chapters are exclusively on the web only.

- jordy_lee

I bought this book for my summer programming 2 class. I bought the kindle version hoping that it would be adequately readable. Unfortunately,​ I have found the book to be little more than a port into kindle version, there was obviously no thought given to proofreading, with a multitude of grammatical errors, and little to no searchability. If this book had been ported and sold as a PDF this may have fixed things, but without testing it I couldn't confirm.

- imani_hill

This book makes relatively simple concepts way too complex. The author(s) need to work on getting to the point and being more clear with their language. The book starts throwing terminology around before even explaining what it is. If you have to use this book for class, just go to the Table of Contents, jot down the concepts for each chapter, and youtube them. This book isn't worth any money.

- maleah_morales

I have purchased this book, clearly states it is Kindle edition but getting error on my new Kindle "Not Compatible With this Device".
I wont recommend this version of book or new Kindle.

- landon_cruz

Good content but author takes a lot of words to explain something simple. Makes it quite a slog to read.

- luna_torres

What can I say about the master of JAVA books this is such an easey read and access to the web site is really good... Revision 10 is a definite must .

- anton_hughes

This book is one of the best book in learning and brushing up your skills on Fundamentals of Java Programming. The text is written in simple language and there are lots of thought provoking exercises accompanying the book (which you shouldn't miss by any chance!). I require a book to brush up my fundamentals in Java programming from scratch for an upcoming technical Interview, and this one served the purpose very well. There are few chapters on the web, which I was not able to find, but I guess that is OK. Also the whole book , as is the practice in all low-priced edition of Pearson education, is black and white (and not in the colored version as shown in the Kindle sample). Definitely recommended, and I am giving it a 4 star and not a 5, just for how difficult Pearson makes it difficult to find the accompanying text (web chapters) on their website.

- jeremiah_morales

The book is organized as a course and is primarily destinated to students. It starts from the very beginning. However, it is rather comprehensive but you can quickly review the first 13 chapters if you know an another OOP language like C++ or Python. I was shocked to see a completely nonefficient algorithm for computing the gcd of the integers (by simply iterating over the integers and checking if it is a divisor) in the book only to find that the efficient Euclidian algorithm is given at the end of the book. I guess is it for pedagogical reasons but using stupid algorithms is not the best way to learn how to program.

If you purchase this book new, you have access to supplement from the website (additional chapters and solutions to all exercises otherwise you have only the even numbered ones). As the code in the book can only be used one, this might not be available from second-hand books (you then have to purchase the access). If you are an Instructors at some school, you get more supplements; which I find stupid since it will probably leak onto the internet in one way or other.

- justice_jimenez

The best book to learn programming in Java for beginners and intermediates.... It will also be helpful for those who want to start their career with any other programming language.

- ameer_garcia

Excellent textbook! Would absolutely recommend. Was required for my Java class. Great for absolute beginners to experienced programmers. Text is clear with plenty of examples and exercises. Online resources provided are also helpful.

- maximus_jimenez

Best book for IT professionals and IT students who want to pursue a good career in IT.

- arabella_cruz

The best way to learn programming is practice lots of code... This is the best book for beginners who want to learn Java from the scratch... It has provided lots of examples and lots of programming exercises to hand of it... In short it's a GREAT BOOK

- bronson_price

Nice book which explains the course-JAVA From fundamentals and it's a basic essential for the beginners in programming which can take them upto a professional level...

- kaiya_collins

Page quality is good. But can be used for very basic knowledge. Not for professionals. Best for college students.

- mckenzie_gray

I would like to keep this short and simple. This book by Y.Daniel Liang to me is what a grimoire is to a wizard.

- stevie_foster

Best book to learn Java programming.

- damian_jackson

Very informative book!

- gael_cox

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