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By: Robin Cook, George Guidall, et al.

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New York Times best-selling author Robin Cook returns with another ripped-from-the-headlines medical thriller, where DNA science, biotechnology, and religion collide.

It's been more than thirty years since New York City medical examiner Jack Stapleton's college graduation and almost as long since he'd been in touch with former classmates Shawn Doherty and Kevin Murray. Once a highly regarded ophthalmologist, Jack's career took a dramatic turn after a tragic accident that destroyed his family. But that, too, is very much in the past: Jack has remarried - to longtime colleague and fellow medical examiner Laurie Montgomery - and is the father of a young child. But his renegade, activist personality can't rest, and after performing a postmortem on a young college student who had recently been treated by a chiropractor, Jack decides to explore alternative medicine. What makes some people step outside the medical establishment to seek care from practitioners of Eastern philosophies and even faith healers?

Jack's classmate Shawn Doherty is now a renowned archeologist and biblical scholar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, whose taste for good wine and generally deteriorating health are taking a toll on his career. He has recently obtained permission for a final dig beneath Saint Peter's, and despite his long-standing grudge against the Catholic Church, begins his research - which eventually takes him to Jerusalem and Venice - only to make a startling discovery with ecclesiastical and medical implications. And when Kevin Murray, now Bishop of the Archdiocese of New York, gets wind of Shawn's findings, he's desperate to keep them from the public. Kevin has strong political ambitions within the Church, but his association with Shawn threatens to undermine them. Kevin turns to his old friend Jack to help protect an explosive secret - one with the power to change lives forever.

I thought I bought a good Cook. Medical mystery. Instead I ended up quickly turning page after page of biblical history I finally gave up. I had already been getter no fed up with the saga of egotistical Jack and Long suffering Laura. This was it. Jack gets the prizes for worst husband and worst father in the world. May I say narcissist? No fun to read about a hero who is really a self involved egomaniac. I am through with Cook.

- jonah_diaz

Anybody who enjoys reading biblical history combined with biblical mystery will love this book. Jack Staplelton finds himself enlisted by an old college buddy to assist in researching the contents of an ancient osowary (an ancient burial jar), secreted out of St. Peters cathedral at the Vatican in Rome. The contents of the burial jar could rattle the rafters of christianity. A third college buddy who happens to be the Cardinal Arch Bishop of New York is drawn into this mystery and attempts to stifle the investigation of the ancient burial jar. Jacks involvment is complicated by having to deal with his new born son, JJ, who has a potentially deadly cancer. This book is a real thriller with a wholly unpredictable ending.

- taliyah_garcia

This interested me from the first page as both a medical professional and a Catholic. It's a bit far fetched yet believable. The characters are engaging. All in all, a very good read.

- ephraim_diaz

As usual, Cook's Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomery are presented with a number of interesting challenges which they manage to overcome.
The origin of the challenges is a little different than usual in that the main focus is not the usual medical one.
The only criticism is that the climax to the story was foreseeable and somewhat formulaic.
Regardless, I would still recommend this book to others.

- maliah_clark

As will all Robin Cook medical thrillers, entertaining, annoying and annoyingly cliche women characters, and enjoyable sci fi that you can (mostly) suspend belief) even if you're in the medical field.

- joseph_jackson

Each book in this series has something for me to learn and this one didn't disappoint! Not a formulaic series at all! Each one a page-turner!

- houston_johnson

This was almost a good book! Three seperate stories that eventually the author managed to tie together. For the first 95% the book was a real good read than it was like the author had contracted for an X number of pages. The ending was a complete de-spoiler. Cook literally threw the book away and in my mind took "The cowards way out". I was looking forward to sharing this book with a friend but after the terrible ending I could no longer justify that.
I did the same thing with the book as Robin Cook had, I threw it out! Mr. Cook I feel as though you robbed me and it will be a long time, if ever, that I read another of your books.

- cody_cox

Being a Catholic myself, Intervention was very insightful into the beliefs of the Catholic Church especially about the Virgin Mary. And to think that I almost did not read it because of mediocre rating by others.

- brynlee_moore

I love Robin Cook's Medical Thrillers and this appears to be his best yet. A slightly different perspective from his usual books which slate the Health Insurance industry of the US. Looking forward to finishing it Couldn't stop reading once I began last night but had to finally discipline myself and get some sleep!

- nylah_adams

pleased with my purchase

- viviana_hernandez

Interesting, finished to quickly, good twists, wanted more. Leaves room for sequel. La la la la la la la la

- karen_parker

all robin Cooks books are fantastic I can not leave the book until I reach the last page amazing and intelligent thrillers

- amaya_ramos

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