In Search of Jimmy Buffett: A Key West Revival

In Search of Jimmy Buffett: A Key West Revival

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By: Ashley Oliphant

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Much to her mother's dismay, Carolina girl Livie Green has long resisted the Southern débutante lifestyle, opting instead for cheap cigars, Ernest Hemingway novels, and Jimmy Buffett's early albums. But when her career as a college professor becomes a drudgery of meetings and reports, she realizes that academia might not be for her, either. In a leap of banana-colada fueled faith, she heads to Key West, Florida in search of Buffett and a carefree lifestyle. What she finds instead will reshape and revitalize her life and her heart.

The new novel by Dr. Ashley Oliphant is simply a must read. The story is timeless yet fresh, set in Key West. If you have been to Key West, then Dr. Oliphant’s book serves as a reminder as to why we love it so much, and if you have not yet been, it will have you making travel plans after you turn the last page. But more than a Key West story, it’s one of finding yourself and your way in this wacky world. It’s written from a southerner’s viewpoint and the good-natured take on growing up in the Carolinas is spot on. – J.S. Campbell

- edwin_young

Great little book for a summer read! It’s easy reading and the writing is fantastic. The comments of the lead character are hilarious and you totally feel like you know her. Made me move a trip to Key West higher up on my bucket list as well! Hoping for a sequel! Or at least another work of fiction from the writer!

- claudia_lewis

A hammock near the beach would be the perfect place to read this delightful page turner. It made me giggle and smile all the way through. The little bits of North Carolina and Key West history peppered through the pages are such a delicious treat. It is about finding and celebrating the things that make you happy. You can’t help but smile while reading A Key West Revival!

- eugene_wilson

Wonderful book for relaxing afternoon read. Loved the story and writing is very entertaining.

- forrest_myers

This was a fun read for those who like Jimmy Buffett music and Key West. Lyrics from his songs are sprinkled throughout the story. The scenes from Key West are well described and make me want to go back for a visit. The history of Key West and the Keys added interest to the story.
Livie Green, PhD, is a professor of literature at a small college in North Carolina until she decides that she is tired of meetings that distract from the love of her job. So she heads to Key West to get a glimpse of Jimmy Buffett. She gets a job at a restaurant on the water where she tends bar and enjoys the sights, scenes, atmosphere and laid back life style. She quickly settles in and makes friends. Ernest Hemingway is her favorite author and she is an authority on his works. She enjoys visiting the Hemingway House where some of her friends work.
One of the funniest parts of the book are the phone calls and texts with her family and a best friend back in North Carolina. This is a light read that is different from most books I read and was enjoyable for a change of pace. There is even some romance and some revelation to Livie concerning what is important to her.
Thanks to Warren Publishing through NetGalley for the electronic ARC for the opportunity to read and review. The thoughts and opinions are mine only.

- savannah_nguyen

I wasn’t sure about this book but I decided that since it was about Key West (one of my favorite places) and with all of the Jimmy Buffett references, how could I go wrong. Livie Green’s introduction to and then her new life in Key West is what most people imagine that it would be like. Quirky people, both local and tourists, and interesting places. I even enjoyed Livie’s exchanges with her family and best friend, Blair back in North Carolina. This was an enjoyable and relaxing read. My only complaint (and it’s not the book or author) was the way it came across on my Kindle. Sometimes, it was hard to tell when a transition to a new conversation or situation happened. Not sure if it was the formatting or what. But if you’re a Jimmy Buffett fan and enjoy Key West, this makes a great getaway read.

- mae_turner

I'm a Jimmy Buffett fan, just like Livie Green, and have been to Key West enough times to know that Oliphant represents the island in all its wonderful weirdness. I kept stopping at places and saying, "Wow, I know that place," or "Gee, she described that so well."

Livie is a young woman in search of herself, and she flees a conventional life as a college professor (details there are spot on, too) to Key West, where she hopes to meet Jimmy Buffett and show him a song she has written.

There's a romance, but really the heart of the book is Livie's discovery of who she is and what she wants from life. A wonderful, page-turning read that was a lot of fun.

- elise_kim

I chose to read this book based on the title, cover, description, and my own love of Key West. It was a quick, light read, but didn't feel like anything new or special to me. I was surprised at the simple plot with almost no conflict whatsoever. The main character had no trouble finding employment, cushy housing, friends, and a love interest with little to no effort and absolutely no struggle. I didn't care too much about Livie because I didn't know enough about her, particularly her past relationships or mistakes. The story was told through the eyes of Livie's best friend Blair, and that didn't work as well as it could have. Blair was hardly part of Livie's story at all, so she just came across as a pretty silly storyteller. I did like the end, but it didn't seem to match the rest of the story. It was more introspective than better than the shallow meanderings earlier on. I did not like how a minor character was described. She was overweight and her appearance was ridiculed by the narrator. "Pillsbury dough arms" seemed nasty and unnecessary. Livie's mother was also an annoying character, but her father and brother we're tolerable. I didn't love this book, but it was OK. I certainly loved the setting. It kind of read like the author's fantasy life goals, particularly at the end. Fine for a beach read. Thank you to Net Galley and the published for allowing me to read an ARC.

- stanley_johnson

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