ILOVETOOL 2.0mm Diamond Jewelry Drill Bits Carving Bur Tools for Stone Pack of 30Pcs

ILOVETOOL 2.0mm Diamond Jewelry Drill Bits Carving Bur Tools for Stone Pack of 30Pcs

Posted by suryakiranfloral | Published 9 months ago

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I drill holes in shells to make wind chimes and I love making them! I used to only buy the Drimmel brand bits. I could only do 40 shells or so before the Drimmel bits would give out. I got these for their price and am happily surprised! These bits are good and pointy, and they go though the shell nicely at first. After 10 shells the tip would break but I could keep going for a while after that with the now less pointy bit. When it starts struggling you get a nice sharp new one. All in all cheaper than brand name. These bits are a good value for my needs. If you’re reading this and plan to drill shells, make sure to use water. Put a sponge in a shallow pie dish filled with crushed ice and water. Drill the shell on the sponge and as you drill stick the bit in the sponge to keep it cool. You can even use a bit of water on the drill site. It’s fun to drill the holes too. Happy shell crafting!

- allen_smith

Actually was surprised with the quality, very good. Was able to drill 15 to 20 holes in sea glass with each bit.

- addilyn_ramos

Nice bits, last longer than others. Not much more to say. I use for sea glass, and am impressed.

- connor_parker

I’ve never used a diamond drill before, so I don’t have anything to compare this to.
I drilled 14 - 1/4” deep holes (under water) in a very hard granite river stone. I used 6 bits and it was pretty slow going. I used a center punch to mark the holes prior to drilling and even with this, the bits wanted to drift.

- brett_carter

I'm a rockhound and these work well drilling into rocks.

- briar_moore

Great for drilling glass and rocks.

- jana_martinez

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