If I Could Tell You Just One Thing: Encounters with Remarkable People and Their Most Valuable Advice

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing: Encounters with Remarkable People and Their Most Valuable Advice

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By: Richard Reed and Audible Studios

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Richard Reed built Innocent Drinks from a smoothie stall on a street corner to one of the biggest brands in Britain. He credits his success to four brilliant pieces of advice, each given to him just when he needed them most.

Ever since, it has been Richard's habit, whenever he meets somebody he admires, to ask them for their best piece of advice. If they could tell him just one thing, what would it be?

Richard has collected pearls of wisdom from some of the most remarkable, inspiring and game-changing people in the world - in business, tech, philanthropy, politics, sport, art, spirituality, medicine, film, and design.

From Hollywood greats like Judi Dench and Richard Curtis, to entrepreneurial legends like Richard Branson and Simon Cowell; from sports stars and TV personalities like Andy Murray and James Cordon to political activists and born survivors like Mandela's Comrades and Katie Piper, Richard has picked some of the world's most interesting brains to give you a lesson in how to live, how to love, how to create and how to succeed.

Of course there are many ways to measure success, and this book is not really about being successful in a monetary or business way but rather offers advice on living life. I checked this book out from the library initially and found the stories leading up to and the advice quotes in each chapter very good in general. So I bought a copy. I am a sucker for inspirational quotes I guess and this book has a good variety from a wider range of life experiences than most books of this type. Some of the quotes have really have stuck with me and I find myself thinking of them quite often. Very good and unique book.

- magnolia_wood

This book has a great concept, I just think it would've been better if:
1) So the author is British, and he focused on British interviewees (I'd say about 70% of them are British, most of them relatively unknown outside of the UK). I'm from the Dominican Republic, and I would definitely appreciate more if his interviews had a more international tone. For example: why put Andy Murray and not Roger Federer? Why Sandi Toksvig and not Oprah? Why James Rhodes and not Andrea Bocelli? Why Michael McIntyre and not Eddy Murphy?
2) It would've been better if he interviewed more business-oriented individuals, instead of so many artists, who give --in my opinion-- the book a tone too liberal for my taste.

- joelle_peterson

Super good maple flavoring. Just wish it wasn't so expensive everywhere since I use so much.

- maison_gutierrez

Such a good book! Love the format and stories inside. Very inspiring and written in such a charming way. I have given several of these as gifts.

- ariel_adams

This book really helps me refocus on what’s important in life when I find myself constantly wishing I was through the tough times already. Appreciate every day.

- nolan_gutierrez

Not done yet but I up to now I have liked about 80% of the stories and quotes

- alani_baker

I really liked this book. It was a quick read with some interesting stories, including from people I wasn't familiar with yet.

- nola_hall

Through this book, I learn that everyone has the struggles before reaching to the top. I learn famous names, I learn determination and I learn that just one thing. I’m glad I bought this on Kindle.

- rose_green

A great read full of thoughts from lots of different people, some I do not engage with but most I did, look forward to the next book...I am free for an interview if required... ha ha ha !!!

- carter_white

Very dIsappointed! Great book to read so bought as a present for my 17 year old nephew.
The book corners were damaged and there was a white mark on the bottom of the book block, which for this book is orange so it stands out. Looked like a second hand book, but had to keep as needed for a present on the day.

- michelle_wilson

Some very inspiring antedates and thoughts, I would say this is the type of book that works better as a hard copy rather than Kindle

- emilio_stewart

A lot of interesting things on this book. Liked the author's style of writing. Some of the lessons mentioned in the book is quite interesting and informative. A quick read as well.

- lucas_hernandez

I personally think this is a must read for everyone and should be on the national curriculum. Extremely well written and so inspirational and motivational.

- luciana_ross

He "Interviews" various leading lights and gets a one-liner from them. Good book to dip in and out of plus it's educational. Reasonably well-written.

- sienna_perez

Excellant read - I use it to inspire myself to learn to grow .. you have to ask yourself what do you want to achieve out of reading this book .. for me it's positivity

- malakai_sanders

This book is a precious gift, beautifully written. What a privilege to be able to share in the lives and wisdom of these marvellous people. Thankyyou riichard.

- allen_smith

I like this book because I can pick it up read a few encounters and put it down again. Some very good bits and some okay. Would recommend

- nancy_cox

Gift for someone, they liked it - said it was right up their street and would enjoy dipping into it

- diana_robinson

A book of no insight..... 'Bashed out', buy, read, learn nothing of value.

- braydon_gonzales

An uplifting book dominated by Alan Watts "What do you desire?" Speech. A rewarding read and great addition to the self help library.

- tori_castillo

A well written book that inspires and delights. The words of wisdom are short, insightful and inspirational.

- savanna_morales

This is a collection of mildly interesting anecdotes that are unified in their predictability. It is OK to dip in and out of but there is nothing mind blowing.

- gabrielle_morales

A good read, inspirational.

- killian_carter

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