Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Extended Version)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Extended Version)

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The extended version of this movie is far, FAR superior to the regular version. It's almost like watching a completely different movie. Now that I've seen this, I wish that Columbus had directed more of these movies, as this extended version is truly satisfying and shows a real regard for and commitment to the book on which it is based. All of the Harry Potter movies would benefit from added scenes (except perhaps Deathly Hallows, which is already pretty perfect and also significantly long), as all of them left out beloved parts of their respective books. "Goblet of Fire" in particular comes to mind, as it left out huge portions of the book and in so doing made the movie itself one of the less successful ones of the series. I don't understand why these extended versions are being held hostage the way they are, apparently they exist but we just aren't allowed to see them. I wish Rowling would get involved and force them onto the market so we could have access to them.

- bishop_mendoza

Of coarse the movie was great, it's harry potter! However we couldn't watch the very end of the movie because amazon app comes up with this stupid "hit back" to remove other movies to buy when the credits are rolling. However when you hit the back button it stops the movie from playing. And when I go to tell Amazon of this issue, the only, THE ONLY thing I can do is write a review. So here I am writing a review. Movie is 5 stars, BUT DONT RENT IT ON AMAZON.

- ramon_edwards

I have watched this second film in the "Harry Potter" franchise over a dozen times...the latest viewing was in BluRay, which I highly recommend. Can't believe I've never written a review...but several of my reviews have suspiciously disappeared and that could be the case here. Anyway, this is a worthy successor to "The Sorcerer's Stone" and a great fantasy actioner in its own right. Not only did the audiences love it in the theaters, the critics also loved it...a rare combination. The principle young actors - Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson - are a year older here and I've always loved being able to watch them in these movies as they mature. Richard Harris made his last appearance as Albus Dumbledore in this film...wish he had lived long enough to do them all! Look for the Hogwarts staff regulars, Alan Rickman as Professor Snape, Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall; and Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid. Kenneth Branagh makes a wonderful one-off appearance as the bumbling, chicken-hearted Professor Guillory Lockhart and Jason Isaacs makes his first appearance as the evil Lucius Malfoy. The plot is a good one too and Chris Columbus is back behind the camera to craft a memorable film...my highest recommendation!

- brittany_lopez

I fell in love with Harry Potter, the moment I read the very first book when I was in middle school and from there on, I was totally addicted! To this day, I watch all 7 movies, all the time!! i even put them on to go to sleep to, when I'm having trouble sleeping! lol! My favorite ones to watch for when I'm trying to go to bed are, the first movie, "The Sorcerers Stone" and this one, movie number two, "Chamber Of Secrets." Because, they aren't quite as "dark"..."deep" and not too crazy full of action. So, better to go to sleep to, at least in my opinion! I discovered Amazon Prime movies by mistake one day & I couldn't be happier ever since! I live out in the boondocks on a bunch of land in SC and I have HORRIBLE WiFi and internet connection. I've tried iTunes- it would no lie, take DAYS to download ONE movie to watch! Then I signed up for Netflix and Hulu and they were definately 10x faster downloading movies! But Amazon, OMG! It literally downloads any and all movies I want in SECONDS!!! Amazon is the absolute fastest movie downloading/playing app I have EVER used! I don't know how I lived without it now! haha!

- lincoln_green

My granddaughter and I watch a Harry Potter movie whenever she visits so this was #2 in our viewing. The movie holds up well over time. She was totally enchanted although some parts were frightening to her. I expect in another 6 mos. when we watch the next one, she won't be so frightened by certain scenes. She remembers so many details from both the first and this movie so I know she's invested. She even dressed as Hermoine Granger for Halloween. We are making memories!!

- kehlani_perez

I love that with this BluRay version of the film you can watch it with the deleted scenes put back in - same as with Sorcerer's Stone! Once again, the picture and sound quality are great. The bonus feature on the characters was enjoyable to watch, too. I was slightly disappointed that there weren't more characters included, but overall they covered all the main characters and secondary characters.

- yahir_lewis

After finally watching the first film, I couldn't wait to see my Harry Potter "pals" again! The second installment of the series did not disappoint. While the characters are certainly growing up fast, they are all just as dear as before. The story line continues seamlessly from the first film but for those who missed the previous movie (for what good reason I can't imagine ;-) it's easy to pick up the series from this point without missing anything truly material (except for how simply marvelous the first Harry Potter was.) This film is so well done and has just the right blend of mystery, mischief, mayhem and monsters. LOVE!

- leo_stewart

The extended version is SO much better than the theater release was. I almost walked out of the theater version a couple of times (yes, saw it on its first run, once and was not about to see it ever again). I don't know who did the theater edit, but they should never be allowed to do film editing ever again.
Based on that memory, my son had to buy this movie himself. Had I known that the extended version was available (accessible, as this isn't really a "buy"), we could have enjoyed this awhile ago. With the extended footage, this turns into a wonderful screen adaptation of the book.

- bryce_rogers

Zum Thema Harry Potter muss ich vermutlich nicht schreiben, ich gebe euch dennoch einen kurzen Überblick.

Harry Potter und die Kammer des Schreckens ist der 2. Teil der Harry Potter Saga.
Insgesamt gibt es 7 Bücher, aber 8 Filme, da der letzte Teil zweigeteilt wurde.

Harry Potter ist im 2ten Teil ein Junge von 12 Jahren, der auf die Zaubererschule Hogwarts geht.
Als er ein Baby war, wurden seine Eltern von dem bösen Schwarzenmagier Lord Voldemort getötet, der von der ganzen Zaubererwelt befürchtet ist.
Als er versuchte Harry zu töten, überlebte dieser auf wundersame Weise und Lord Voldemorts Macht brach in sich zusammen. Harry wusste bis er 11 war und seinen Brief aus Hogwarts bekam nicht, dass er ein Zauberer ist. Denn er wurde von der Schwester seiner Mutter und deren Familie großgezogen, die Muggel sind und von Zauberei nichts wissen wollen und auf Teufel komm raus versuchen diese zu unterbinden.
In seinem ersten Jahr in Hogwarts traf Harry dann wieder auf Lord Voldemort, der aber nur ein Schatten seiner selbst war und verhinderte, dass dieser an den Stein der Weisen kam, um seine Macht wiederzuerlangen.
Im Zweiten Teil beginnt Harrys 2tes Schuljahr in Hogwarts, das mit einigen mysteriösen Vorfällen und einer Warnung, er solle nicht nach Hogwarts gehen, denn es würden schreckliche Dinge geschehen.

Mich selbst versetzt der Film immer wieder in meine Kindheit zurück. Ich habe die Bücher und Filme geliebt und tue es immer noch.
Es ist einfach mittlerweile ein Alltimeclassic und darf in keiner guten DVD-Sammlung fehlen

- aiyana_carter

Harry Potter's (Radcliffe) second year at Hogwarts is affected by the opening of a legend known only as the Chamber of Secrets.

The second instalment of the series brings more adventure and more imagination to the now infamous adaptations of J.K Rowling's wondrous world.

Rowling's first novel broke barriers for the concept of magic and a different world and the film broke numerous records all around the world with a stunningly entertaining and enjoyable family make over.

Chamber of Secrets follows in its footsteps by targeting family viewing again with humour for the young (Errol the Owl) and comedy for the old (Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart) and never underestimating the significance of magic relating to serious issues.

The question of friendship, the treatment of children under adoptive parents and the importance of blood relations are all points that become even bigger in the sequels and here we again see another wonderful build up and get to see where they all began.

Like Philosopher's Stone, this has a mystery all set up for the students to figure out and there are subtle hints being dropped along the way with laughs, drama not to mention twists and turns but ultimate fun and great family viewing.

All the stars reprise their roles from the Philosopher's Stone with the younger stars like Radcliffe and Grint noticeably more sophisticated and mature in their approach to their respective protagonists. Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy is perhaps one of the finest pieces of casting that have been implemented into the series. Branagh, Rickman and Richard Harris' last major film role are all stand outs once again but like the first, these films are all about the magic narratives.

J.K Rowling's second novel was more flowing and slightly more exciting than her first, not to mention darker. This was noted by Columbus who uses a more artistic style to capture the more mature moments.

There are lapses and moments which feel a bit outdated. Not to mention recent novels have hindered the meaning of elements, in particular the diary but don't let that take the shine of the adventure that is still sharp and entertaining.

This is a fine adaptation of the award winning novel that delivers everything a family film should and reminds us of what happened at the beginning and when watching years from when it was made (2002) it brings back some magical memories.


- adelina_jones

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