Hanes Men's Nano Premium Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt (Pack of 2)

Hanes Men's Nano Premium Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt (Pack of 2)

Posted by belasarbanna | Published a year ago

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I am honestly shocked by what I received today in the mail. To say I am unsatisfied would be an understatement. It is extremely clear that somewhere along the way, someone messed up. I ordered this pack of two shirts. 1/2 shirts fit as expected and met my expectations for a basic v neck. The second shirt however was the craziest thing I have ever seen. A complete hodgepodge of material slapped with a Hanes label and sent to my mailbox. The torso portion of the shirt was the same as the other. The sleeves...well, not only were they beyond short (app. 5.5"), but they were a completely different material from the torso all together. They are made of a stretchy poly material. This is the most Frankenstein shirt. I am baffled that it managed to make its way through so many hands to actually make it to me, the consumer. It really makes one wonder about the quality control, or lack thereof. Extremely disappointed.

- kaysen_diaz

Bought the XXL. I have an 18in neck which, for the size of the shirt, isn't really thick. When I put it on, the "V" almost straightens out into a regular crewneck shape. This is very disappointing because I wanted to use them as a no-show undershirt for my button-downs.

Comfort-wise, they're great. The rest of the shirt fits nicely and is amply long to be tucked without much worries of it becoming untucked. Of course, this doesn't matter much because all I will be using them for is bumming around the house.

- marcus_patel

Most of the shirts I own and wear regularly are black T-shirts of many different brands. I know how to wash one -- cold water and medium dryer heat. I treat all my shirts the same, and they never shrink. These, though? Went through the same load of wash as the rest and shrunk a whole size. They no longer fit. I am very, very unhappy with them.

- aadhya_lopez

There are a few things that don't seem right. First of all the two shirts we're not packaged. They were just folded up in the shipping bag. Also the tag on one of them is very crooked. There's no way that would pass inspection. The fabric is also thin for what they call a premium t-shirt. I buy a v-neck so it does not choke up on my neck. The way this thing fits it still chokes up on your neck. Uncomfortable! I read some reviews that wonder about quality and lack of craftsmanship. These would all point to counterfeit or factory seconds products as well.

- reina_hernandez

They pull slightly around the armpits and shoulders, so feel a little small, even though they are the same size as some older Hanes crew neck t-shirts I have that feel much more comfortable.

Also the v-neck is high (tight near the front of the neck) and therefore shows when wearing a shirt over it (with the top button opened) which was how I intended to use them. That was the reason I purchased the v-neck (so it wouldn't show), so pretty much a waste of money for me.

3/4/17 Update: I purchased these T's to wear under a shirt in winter. The new "Nano" cotton Hanes T's compared to the older non-Nano Hanes T's I had, act almost like velcro. Putting a shirt on over these newer T's is a trial at best. The T shirt material wants to cling to my outer shirt fabric. Pullover type shirts are the most difficult to get both shirts lined up and feeling comfortable together. My non-Nano Hanes T's are soft enough and don't cling. They end up actually being the more comfortable of the two to wear with another shirt over them.

- randy_cook

Been buying Hanes tshirts for daily wear for about a decade. The last time I bought a set of tshirts was 2 years ago, and I thought it was time for replacement. But the quality control has gone way down since. What used to last 2 years lasted about 2 washes before the seems started coming undone and the collar got distorted.

Next Level also has poor quality control issues.

- gregory_howard

High quality V neck shirts, I wear these as regular shirts. I am 5'8 170 pounds. I bought a size large, the fit is comfortable, I like the fabric, very comfortable and feels great. My only issue with the shirts is they are long. I have washed mine 3 times now, they did shrink a tad bit, but nothing drastic or out of the norm. I read reviews here that said these shirts shrink drastically, that was not the case for me. Will be trying a size medium, as I like the fit of the large, but if it was a tad bit smaller it would be perfect.

- logan_jones

I purchased Hanes and Fruit of the Loom V-neck T-shirts at the same time. The fit of the Hanes T-shirts is poor and the fit of the Fruit-of-the-Loom T-shirts is excellent. The problem with the Hanes product is the T-shirts don't hang straight and they bunch around the collar. I suspect -- but don't know -- there is a stitching problem around the neck. I do like Hanes men's underwear but it does seem they are having a problem. The last set of Hanes men's undershorts I purchased fit excellently but the material started separating from the elastic band in less than six months.

- marianna_carter

The quality of the T-Shirt is good but the fit is a little tight for what I'm used too in an XL. I also prefer a T-shirt with more of a V neck, this isn't much different from a regular round neck

- callan_watson

La tela se siente bien, es fresca, pero a comparación de otras playeras de este estilo en talla mediana esta me quedo un poco justa, no es como si me apretara pero pierde comodidad que otras playeras de la misma talla si me ofrecen, si lo que quieres es una playera mas justa esta esta bien pero si quieres algo mas comodo y holgado tomando en cuenta que tu complexión no es delgada quizas una talla mas sea mejor.

- waylon_morris

Esta línea de Hanes (Nano Premium) es absolutamente genial. La tela es delgada, de buena calidad, vienen preencogidas y el color se conserva por mucho tiempo, las primeras las compré hace más de un año y las sigo usando en el día a día. La talla es justa pero no apretada ni incómoda, si prefieres algo más holgado busca las Hanes de la línea "Comfortsoft". Lo único que lamento es que la gama de colores sea tan limitada.

- india_hughes

He comprado varias ya que el precio es muy barato y la calidad es mejor que playeras de mejores marcas. Puedes usarlas para cualquier ocasión.
El único problema es que suelen encogerse un poco cuando las pones en la secadora. Sumamente satisfecho con mi compra y planeo comprar varios pares más.

- maeve_reyes

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