Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt (4 Pack )

Hanes Men's ComfortSoft Short Sleeve T-Shirt (4 Pack )

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These t-shirts will shrink bad. I am including a picture of my 6 month old t-shirts (same brand, black) vs. brand new white ones. They're tagless and all, very comfortable and won't fade much, but the shrinking factor might be of your concern especially if you order "L". Mine are "S" and now they fit like a slim-fit t-shirt which is fine for me but for some this may be relevant.

- natalie_scott

I bought a couple packages of these in black to use as undershirts for my work dress shirts. I tried them on when the first arrived and the length was good. After a single wash (cold) and dry (warm) they have lost at least 2" in length, making them near impossible to tuck in and remain tucked in. So for anyone wondering... Yes, these shrink quite a lot in the length. Interestingly they did not really shrink at all around the chest/waist dimension.

A couple other issues I had with these, that I have not had with other brands is that the seam along the bottom of the shirt and around the ends of the arms was not flat. If these were not meant as undershirts I envision I would be going through and having to do some serious ironing to ensure all the seams were down nicely.

Lastly, the elastic around the neck seems to be of lower quality material and is not as taunt as I guess I would prefer. It definitely seems like a few washes in, the neck is going to be very loose and "bacon-ie" looking.

I certainly will be looking to other brands from here on out.

- graham_chavez

These are definitely NOT comfort soft as advertised. My husband has been getting Hanes for years and we made the mistake of ordering them here because we found a good deal. Well, you get what you pay for..these must be a knock off or something. They were rough and itch even AFTER a wash. When we got them we realized there was no way they were true Hanes shirts. We submitted a return request but the seller was going to charge a 20% restocking fee and we had to pay for shipping so beware prior to buying. We tried washing a couple times to see if they would get any better but no luck. So we are now using as cleaning rags. So if you’re okay with low quality itchy and rough undershirts, then buy these!

- elias_cox

Hey not sure how helpful this will be given Im a female an this is a mens tshirt. But long story short needed a red shirt for a job didnt matter the style just had to be red. I buy smalls in hanes mens tshirts at the store just for around the house so i knew my size atleast for the plain white ones. I dont like it fitted but i dont wanna look like im drowning either. Im more of a athletic build size 4 or a 26 pants or 3-5 in juniors. Tops in womens i always get smalls im not overly busty 34c an these fit great. I prefer hanes for the simple fact the are longer than other brands an dont look boxy after a few washes not to mention no tags truely a great tshirt. Fyi i notice white tshirts always tend to shrink more than the colored shirts not sure why but in my experience thats what happens but still fit just a bit more form fitting. An just an fyi if a female is lookong for a tshirt for lazy days or whatever or just to wear on ick days if you have a little belly on ya nice cover for those days but if you have yourself a belly that is more obvious this may not be what your looking for or maybe try a size up.

- armani_rodriguez

Great Deal. Great Feel! Nice & Long to tuck in. Comfortable around Neck

- maryam_cox

Nothing close to "ComfortSoft" at all as stated. Even after several washes and dry, these shirts are still itchy and uncomfortable and if you are wearing it during warm days you will sweat in them and it will become itchy on your skin. I wear this as my undershirt for work while wearing my uniform-issued short sleeve button down shirt and I'm already sweating within minutes. I had 3 older versions of Hanes ComfortSoft Ts just like these ones before and they were very soft and not itchy to wear. The material was perfect and not too thick or too thin. These newer ones here are just ridiculously too thick and itchy.

- hunter_evans

The shirts are not 100% Cotton as stated in the Hanes banner on web page (feel like mostly polyester); the sizing is completely off as measured and compared to the sizing chart on the web page; the 'black' that I ordered appears to be gray/charcoal; I have purchased many 'ComfortSoft' T-Shirts made by Hanes and these are not like those that I have purchased from other retailers in the past: they are course to the touch, heavyweight, and sized inappropriately. Finally, the shirts arrived in a white plastic bag. When opened, there were four shirts crammed in as if they were grabbed off a shelf and shoved into a bag. No Hanes packaging, etc. Odd. Unlike any Amazon purchase I have received in the past.

- jesus_baker

I have ordered these on multiple occassions and received a great shirts. Those were tagless and made in dominican republic. It stated clearly that they were 100 % cotton. These are made in Honduras and have tags. In addition no where on the packaging does it state that these are 100 cotton. And they sure dont feel like it. Feels like I'm wearing a bag filled with sweat. Dont breathe at all.

- katherine_jones

These are NOT Hanes COMFORTSOFT T-shirts. The description of these T-Shirts as “Comfort Soft” is extremely misleading. COMFORTSOFT is a Hanes brand for tagless 100% cotton T-Shirts. The T-shirts I received are not branded Comfortsoft, are not tagless and are NOT 100% cotton. I will be returning this product.

- timothy_murphy

It fits great, however after the first wash on high heat it did shrink a bit and the texture changed, it became kind of fuzzy and not as soft as the first time I wore it. The tag itches on the back of my neck so I removed it and it feels better now. The shrinking is a big deal since it’s winter time and I need to be able to tuck it inside my pants to get warmer.

- deborah_kelly

OJO, NO COMPREN ESTO!! El producto NO es lo que se anuncia.. Por ningún lado tiene la descripción comfortsoft, solo trae una etiqueta genérica, eso y que el embalaje es una bolsa de plástico transparente me hace pensar que el producto no es original.

Además la tela es sumamente incómoda, con una constante sensación de picazón. Es una pena que al haber usado ya la prenda no la pueda devolver.

Háganse un favor, lean esta reseña y no compren estas cosas. Son pésimas.

- william_williams

I bought XL size expecting to be able to wash and dry them and have them shrink quite a bit, and get them to what a large is before washing/drying, because the large size I got from Walmart shrunk down to a medium. Well, these are WAY bigger than I expected, and the fit is different.

It's funny because most people in the reviews are complaining about the shrink, when that's what I was looking for. If you need an XL and expect a big shirt, these are definitely big. They'll shrink, but not too much.
I love this product. Order came on time and without defect.
Good price and good quality
I really have nothing to complain about here
It's good, works well.
I would highly recommend. Awesome

- ryder_perez

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