By: Grisham John

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In John Grisham's latest legal thriller, The Racketeer's Malcolm Bannister is halfway through a 10-year term for a crime he did not commit. A former attorney for an African -American law firm, Bannister may have hit the jackpot when it comes to holding all the cards. A federal judge and his mistress have been found murdered in an isolated mountain cabin. Investigators have no idea who committed the crimes but Bannister does. He'll tell all if the feds let him walk free. Bannister has more leverage, more tactical skills and employs more strategic thinking than the FBI can muster as they consider giving him a deal. The best thing about The Racketeer is the clever, twisty plot. You know something big is going on; you just can't fathom what it is. The story line gets additional octane from drugs, bribery, sex, corruption and one of Grisham's favorite plot threads, corporate greed. The Racketeer keeps us engaged until the very last page.

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