GoWISE Power 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V DC to 120V AC with 2 AC Outlets + 1 5V USB Port, 2 Battery Cables, and Remote Switch (2000W Peak) PS1002

GoWISE Power 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V DC to 120V AC with 2 AC Outlets + 1 5V USB Port, 2 Battery Cables, and Remote Switch (2000W Peak) PS1002

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Great inverter, came with everything pictured. Output is pure sine wave and is cleaner than my house hold power even under load. I got the black button panel pictured. When plugged into my variable DC power supply I noticed it consumed about 0.06 amps at 13.2 volts in idle with nothing plugged in.

- cataleya_bennet

This product works as described. I was able to consistently run around 900-1000 watts, and it even supported over 1600 watts for a few minutes. With any DC circuit, the power source must be adequate, and the cables must support the amperage needed--which at 12 volts can be very high. (1000W/12V = 83.3A) If it cuts off due to voltage drop, it's usually due to not enough power from the source (batteries, solar, etc.) or connecting cables that are too thin, too long, and/or not pure copper. I did not use the cables that came with this unit, as they are only barely adequate for the amperage and will cause voltage drop when more Watts are used. (For 1000 Watts, you'll need 2 AWG cables or better if they're under 50 feet. I am using 4x 100 Ah (over 20 hours) 12V batteries with 9-inch 2/0 AWG cables, which are great for this application.

- muhammad_rogers

The posts on the rear of the unit are cheap and are too close together to each other to be safe, without the terminal cable connectors moving and touching when you rotate it to access the front. The plastic tighteners can't be tightened enough to keep the cables from turning/rotating on the posts and shorting out when the unit is turned around to plug in an extension cord. This is a huge problem that needs to be addressed at the manufacturing level. I can't believe this hasn't been brought up before, it's a huge problem. The inverter may be OK but getting past the initial hook-up portion of the installation is very challenging. The fact that there is no rear view online tells me I should have asked for one before buying. If the terminals would have been spread apart enough and the posts had been thicker with standard nuts and washers I would have given this an initial rating of 4 until I had used it for a while, to see if it performs as advertised...... I will review this again after it's been used for some months.....I am hoping the inside is manufactured better than the outside.....
May review- this inverter is currently delivering excellent power and appears to be less of a strain on my AGM battery than the Xantrex 1000W that burned out after 8 months..... the rear terminals are still the same of course but it appears to be working well as long as the unit isn't moved once it's setup to be used..... I still maintain it needs to be redesigned to beef up the back side terminals....
4/22/17- I raised the stars to 4 because so far this inverter has performed great, irrespective of the posts on the back being too close.... they haven't been a problem since the first problem...... if they were farther apart and stouter I'd give this inverter a 5 star rating... I would definitely buy this inverter over the first one I bought
9/4/17- I raised the stars to 5 because so far the performance has been perfect.... the rear terminals are obviously still the same but I haven't had a problem since the first time so it isn't a problem evidently.... the proofs in the pudding- a year and a half almost and no problem with performance.... compared to my first inverter this one is a gem.......

- alaina_brooks

Works great. Needed a pure sine wave inverter to power my Harman P43 pellet stove in case of a power outage. My 35ah 12v battery ran the stove with this inverter for a solid 6 hours on low. (On low the stove pulls about 70w an hour to run auger and fan). Kept my 1496 square foot house at 70F on a chilly 20F evening.

- ashlyn_peterson

It works, but beeps intermittently. Customer support did not respond to chat request. I have it connected to a deep cycle marine battery 12V. I am charging my phone via a USB adapter, so very low load. It is charging just fine and voltage output is 120V. But every so often (maybe 15 minutes), it beeps 5 times, then about 30 seconds later, a single beep. Input voltage from the battery is 12.4V so not an under-voltage condition. I couldn't find beep codes in the manual. No other lights on the inverter are on except power. The temperature of the inverter is cool to the touch, so it's not a heat issue. I'm not sure if I should keep it if's going to beep all the time even though input and output are proper. I don't want to find out later it's failing. Not being able to find any information about the beeping is also frustrating.

9/22/2017: I am giving back one star as I did not continue to experience the beeping after the first day or so. Still not sure what it was, but it was a definitive 5-times beep. Anyway, it has performed decently since that initial setup; I used it for about 4 days during a power outage from hurricane Irma to charge phones and a laptop.

- salma_murphy

going on 4 years non stop 24/7 aside from batteries loosing power, works great , wish it would turn back on automatically after no power, not good using on fridge or freezer if not there to turn it back on , for this reason i using an upgraded inverter that turn on after power failure for freezer, using this one for tv computers and stuff thats only in use when there, am planing on making a momentary switch that will work when power returns for this inverter, i like this inverter a lot, works great, very good power regulation, 120v, just like the grid and reliable lasts and efficient, uses about an amp+- no load, just need to make it to automatically turn back on after power loss when batteries regain power

- marlee_wood

This inverter works great for my refrigerator. It may be a bit more than I need, but I can power my 15 cubic foot fridge with no problems on my off grid system. It will not run a toaster and it didn't toast the inverter when I tried. Great product!

- elliott_allen

The product return date was 30 days beyond delivery and therefore the warranty is only 30 days. I installed the inverter, it worked fine and performed well for 40 days or so and then failed. It would not return any power nor accept any voltage inbound. fan stopped working. The inverter was fused properly and always held a proper 12.8V input from a solar charged battery that was maintained daily. I very angry I cannot return this product nor get a replacement.

- grant_bailey

Update: Actually, I found out that my 700 Watt microwave oven actually draws 1080 Watts... I have tested this inverter to 960 Watts with a heat gun, and it works. I will upgrade my rating, my bad...

Original review: Does not run my 700 Watt microwave oven, which leads me to conclude that the rated power consumption is split over the two outlets. Does run my fridge, and does work with my LiFePO4 battery without complaining about low voltage like my Canadian Tire inverter does.

But it pisses me off that they are not honest with their specifications. (Actually is accurate spec).

- hassan_anderson

Works fantastic in my solar generator. Can run a full size fridge without a sweat, can run a 2 bay toaster fine and has great protection. The remote switch is extra awesome and I mounted it on the outside of my case. Fan seems to be good quality too. Fast shipping, arrived before estimated date. Would recommend

- briar_moore

Absolute garbage. Straight up scam, I should of known it was too good to be true with such a low price. The thing won’t even charge my dewalt battery, all the reviews must be either paid for or they work for the seller. Very dissatisfied, will be returning immediately.

- thomas_mitchell

Good product Great price.Like the fact that cooling fan works according to temp and not load. Prolongs battery life.

- alison_brooks

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