Gildan Men's 10-Pack Heavy Cotton Adult T-Shirt (G5000)

Gildan Men's 10-Pack Heavy Cotton Adult T-Shirt (G5000)

Posted by belasarbanna | Published a year ago

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These shirts were great at first...they fit just right, they were comfortable, and they felt good...but after the first time you wash say good bye to all the good stuff I just mentioned...they shrunk like crazy(100% preshunk cotton...ok), the cotton becomes rough and is not even comparable to what it originally felt like, and what was an XL size tshirt becomes this awkward extra shmedium size shirt that is too high on your waist, the sleeves come up to your shoulders, and the edges roll up...its safe to say dont buy these shirts or get another color besides black (black shrinks the most)....the picture I included has a brand new shirt on the right and a washed shirt on the left

- miguel_ramos

Gildan has a good reputation and I own many printed Gildan shirts. I bought these plain ones to be my plain everyday wear shirts. The fit out of the package was good though they weren't very long. I thought it was something I could deal with since the rest of the shirt fit very well. After one wash (cold water, low heat dry), the shrinkage of all these shirts was astounding. They tightened around the neck, arms, and I lost about two inches of length. Now, I have to wear my pants up high to avoid a crop-top look (trust me, no one wants that). Plus, they faded almost instantly. Next to the 3 year-old black Fruit of the Loom shirts they were supposed to replace they look almost gray. The worst part: I missed the return window, so I have 10 worthless shirts I have to replace. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

- charleigh_rogers

So there was no descriptor for "Fits after washing". Overall, decent shirts for the price. ($3 each). "Heavy Cotton" is somewhat misleading. The fabric was thinner than plain white t-shirts from FotL. I bought 2xl size and after washing they shrunk to about XL so I guessed right about that happening. Nice collars, no stretching out of shape even after fitting over my big noggin.

Pros: Good price, good collar

Cons: Buy a size up and wash to fit, thin material

Overall: I'd buy again

- jasper_james

Enough said, ordered two different 10 packs, only came with two shirts, the tag is also a different brand, FAIL

- tate_gomez

I got one (yes, a SINGLE) dirty T-shirt from China that wasn't even Gildan. Hmm.

- angel_peterson

Only received one t-shirt where as it was supposed to be a 10 pack.

- maurice_phillips

I love these. I wore both Haines and Fruit of the loom, and other brands, but this is the only one that's durable, fade resistance (color), and keeps the neck unstretched after you wash it.

These are usually sold out in Walmart where I usually get them. And I'm happy that these are all blacks, because that's the hardest colors to find without having other colors in the pack.

The arm, neck, shoulder, and torso is all great size. It runs long enough length wise on the bottom of the shirt to tuck it in your pants for when you wear it underneath the shirt, unlike the other brands.

Good job.

- samira_alvarez

I bought these for my husband, he works in a warehouse, and gets ink all over him. These are nice and soft, and being all one color he doesn't have to go looking for a shirt to wear. The bulk price is good, and now he doesn't have to ruin his good shirts at work. They did not shrink much at all, still are holding up to daily wear, no holes or shredding.

- hayden_walker

These shirts are an excellent value, very high quality, wash well with no shrink that I can see

- king_campbell

little short but durable

- eden_hill

Le contact de la peau avec le type de coton; sensation de fraicheur, laisse respirer.

- kalel_ward

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