Generating PDFs with PHP and FPDF (and TCPDF)

Generating PDFs with PHP and FPDF (and TCPDF)

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By: Marc Rochkind

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This book shows you how to use the well-known and completely free FPDF library to generate PDFs directly from your PHP program. All of the functions are explained clearly and with numerous examples. Included are numerous extensions provided by contributed scripts on the website. These bring FPDF much closer to the TCPDF library than many people think is the case, as this book proves. That part of TCPDF that overlaps the functionality covered here is also explained, with TCPDF examples, too.

All of the PHP source code for the examples is available for download, and you may freely use it in your own applications.

Here's a list of the FPDF and TCPDF areas of functionality covered: Multiple Pages, Absolute Positioning Functions, Drawing Attributes, Constructor and Page Setup, International (Unicode) Characters, Margins and Flowing Text, Cells and String Widths, Summary of Text Functions, Headers and Footers, Controlling Output, Snaking Columns, Adding Fonts, Links, PDF Properties, Tables, Embedding PostScript, Bookmarks, Rotation and Watermarks, Ellipses, Circles, Rounded Rectangles, Sectors, Advanced Geometric Figures, Transparency, JavaScript, Forms, Barcodes, and Protection.

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