Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography

Finding My Virginity: The New Autobiography

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By: Richard Branson, Steve West, et al.

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Twenty years after his iconic memoir Losing My Virginity, the world’s ultimate entrepreneur is back with the rest of the story.

Richard Branson’s Losing My Virginity shared the outrageous tale of how he built Virgin from a student magazine into one of the greatest brands in history. No challenge was too daunting, no opportunity too outlandish to pursue. And each new adventure started with five simple words: “Screw it, let’s do it.”   

Now, 50 years after starting his first business, Branson shares the candid details of a lifetime of triumphs and failures and what he really thinks about his unique life and career. Finding My Virginity is an intimate look at his never-ending quest to push boundaries, break rules, and seek new frontiers - even after launching a dozen billion-dollar businesses and hundreds of other companies.   

As he led Virgin into the new millennium, Branson fearlessly expanded the brand into new categories such as mobile, media, fitness, and banking and into every corner of the globe - all while preserving its iconoclastic, scrappy spirit. He even brought Virgin into space with Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline. Finding My Virginity takes us behind the scenes of the incredible brains, heart, and sacrifices that have gone into making private spaceflight an imminent reality - even after the biggest crisis Branson has ever faced.   

But this book is much more than a series of business adventures. It’s also the story of Branson’s evolution from hotshot entrepreneur to passionate philanthropist and public servant, via Virgin Unite’s environmental and health initiatives and through the Elders, a council of influential global leaders. And it’s the story of his personal quest to become a better son, husband, father, and “grand-dude” to his four grandchildren.   

Featuring a supporting cast that includes everyone from Bill Gates to Kate Moss, Nelson Mandela to Barack Obama, this is the gripping account of a man who will never stop reaching for the stars, in more ways than one. Find out how Branson did it for the first time - all over again.

This is an interesting book no doubt. Branson is at his best when discussing various companies within his Virgin Group and how they were started, while his descriptions about how he makes business decisions is valuable for both establish business people and budding entrepreneurs. He is at his most dismal, however, when promulgating, in detail and even full chapters, some of his political causes and beliefs which are so left wing that at times it smacks of self indulgence as if he has to describe how liberal and truly open minded he really is. Of course, at the end of the day, life and all of its myriad of issues are a bit more complicated than that. He gives numerous pages to those he claims to have had good relations with and admires (Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama - not unsurprisingly - and those apparently less stellar, Donald Trump for example), but this is not necessary, even if it's true, and detracts from the book - leaving me to wonder where his editor is at times like these.

I also find it a real stretch of the imagination when he described his trip to Vietnam in 2015 and how he “told the crowd” about his "connection" to the country. However, that connection was only as a Vietnam War protester back in the 60's and not even in the US, but in the UK. Since I’ve lived and worked for over 5 years in Vietnam, his assertion is more than a stretch, it's disingenuous.

If Branson would have toned down some of his blatant political rhetoric and also spent a bit less time writing on arbitrary domestic/family issues, it would have made for a smoother, and more insightful - albeit- shorter read. I too, like other reviewers, wish I could ask for a refund, but the time for that has expired.

- aubriella_harris

I’ll start by saying that Richard Branson is a uniquely inspiring man and entrepreneur, whose values I admire and share. He’s lived a full life, no doubt, and I thoroughly enjoyed his first memoir, from which I took several nuggets of wisdom.

This one has some entertaining anecdotes but isn’t particularly well written and it’s a bit self indulgent at times. That said, it feels like it’s truly his voice and i still take a couple pearls from and a reminder to focus on your passions and to take risks. You only get one ride.

- tatum_nelson

As was Losing My Virginity. But like its predecessor, as interesting as they both are, they are not page turners, so I have been reading other books between a few chapters here and there. Richard Branson is one of my heroes and I am pleased he has told his story. I enjoy reading his experiences, but it's just not a book you read through in a week or so. I really wanted to give it five stars, the subject deserves it. Maybe the problem is I wait too late at night to read and then get sleepy. My bad. That said...I was waiting for this book, eager to read about his Virgin Galactic ventures not addressed in his first book. I stalled before reading the chapter "The Accident," probably because I know what happened. But I do appreciate his work, indeed I do.

- dante_moore

Richard Branson's writing style made "Finding My Virginity" an easy and enjoyable read. A lot of interesting information about the world of Virgin, how Branson views the environment, his family, and his many passions. I have yet to read his earlier autobiography but after reading this I definitely will be reading it.

- journee_morris

I loved his first autobiography (Losing my Virginity). This one gets way too political, with stories about Donald Trump (unnecessary), Hillary Clinton (equally unnecessary), and other aspects of the political world.
I was hoping to read more about business and personal, and less about activism.
He's also a bit blind to his own biases - maybe I expected too much introspection (of him) in 20 years since the first book.
Now he balances narcissist and ultra-rich, tempering it with how he cries and thanks that his kids have such opportunities.

- erika_cruz

I loved reading this book by and about Sir Richard Branson. I’ve long admired him and the way he thinks and lives and the book gave me many new insights into this wonderful man. I strongly recommend you buy and read it.

- augustus_thompson

My head is spinning with ideas! Grateful for his inspiration, sincerity re: failures (lessons, really) and I truly appreciate the confidence he instills in his readers - igniting them to go forward!

- keyla_mendoza

Real, relatable, honest, Conversational read

- vienna_foster

Very enjoyable read. My concern having already read Losing my virginity, was that this would be very similar - it’s not at all. The overlap in stories are kept to a minimum and each chapter gives a new light towards an incredible journey, where you can’t not learn from the mindset, honesty, leadership and adventures shared.

I would highly recommend this to anyone to read. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs/business leaders, but anyone can enjoy and learn.

- azariah_sanchez

First few chapters held my attention then I got bored, samey, samey. All interesting stuff and I'm sure I'll pick it up again like I did his other books. Full respect to Richard Branson, you can hear his voice as he writes and he does so much with his skills and experiences for the greater good.
Can't help feeling shorter books would be better and audio would be great.

- jude_cruz

This book is filled with great stories about the life of a successful entrepreneur , his adventures, records attempts, his mistakes, accidents, near death experiences, business successes and failures, and complete, with some very humorous stories, that I was not expecting at all.
It is very interesting to read about other well known people who he knows and also his philanthropy work also.
We learn how he is in business to make businesses that provide a better service than the competition.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, beginning to end.

- vicente_murphy

The first book was much better and this is a bit of a bore and already quite out of date ie regards Virgin Australia, Virgin trains and everything that has happened in the last 2 years. Lots of name dropping and self-congratulatory sections. A very good book on self-love! :) ie humble is certainly not a word for Branson after you read his book.

- kylee_morris

This follow up to the inside life of one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time, 'Finding My Virginity' explores less start up problems than the first novel, and more of the real world ones. With its uncensored take on natural and man made disasters, this book is a great example of how you can expand your business from nothing to one with that operates in different sectors.

Thus starts in the early 2000

- thomas_mitchell

Usually Bio's are rather boring to read no matter how exciting the personality is. But this book is not. It is written in such an easy way to read, simple and straight forward, a mix of comedy and drama, and informative. Branson is passionate about work, family , friends , employees and life in general. This passion is reflected in the book. This is why he became so successful. I liked him before reading the book. I like him and respect him more after reading.

- felix_rivera

This was interesting, well-written. A worthwhile book to take on a holiday as it is easy to dip in, and out and regale others with tit bits from Branson's active life.

- paige_ward

Excellent read I really enjoyed it. I found out much more about the man. I ended up buying two more copies to give as Christmas presents for sons in law. Richard Branson is quite a guy.

- jayceon_gonzales

This is one of those books that you'll just not want to stop reading from first page till the last

- walker_wilson

Really enjoyed the first autobiography but really disappointed with this. In truth it's cliched drival

- harmoni_scott

Bought for somebody else who said they really enjoyed it.

- kimora_reyes

Very interesting and well written book. He describes meetings with all the top people in the world and also his adventures since his last book. Looking forward to his final book, if he gets chance to write it. DaveB

- jack_miller

Good pictures & Content
A good recommended read

- elias_cox

great read.make you feel really positive reading this.fantastic and clever man.we should all be more kind to the human race like this fantastic man.

- anika_foster

Overall a good book and I do like the photos to support the text. Some of the chapters do go on a bit though.

- angelina_foster

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