Essentials of the Java Programming Language: A Hands-On Guide

Essentials of the Java Programming Language: A Hands-On Guide

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By: Monica Pawlan

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If you are interested in learning the Java(tm) programming language but hesitate to dive into overly dense, theoretical resources, Essentials of the Java(tm) Programming Language is the perfect starting point. This accessible, hands-on tutorial employs a "learn-by-doing" approach to introduce you to the basics. It starts with a simple program, then develops it bit by bit, adding new features and explaining important concepts with each subsequent lesson. This simple program grows into a general electronic commerce application that illustrates many of the Java 2 platform's most important elements. You will learn such Java programming language essentials as: The difference between applications, applets, and servlets/JavaServer Pages(tm) Building a user interface that accepts user input Reading and writing data to files and databases Network communications, including RMI and sockets Collections Serialization Packages and JAR file format Internationalization Security fundamentals, including cryptographic software Essentials of the Java(tm) Programming Language ends with an explanation of object-oriented programming concepts, made far more understandable and relevant as a result of the hands-on experience acquired throughout the book. After working through this book, you will have the foundation necessary to comfortably progress to more advanced learning materials for the Java programming language and utilize the subtleties and more sophisticated capabilities of the language.

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