Essential Mixes

Essential Mixes

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By: Usher

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This is a techno mix, none of his well known songs are on this cd.

- titus_foster


- miguel_ramos

I bought this cd to get some songs that I didn't have from Usher's collection. These are mostly club/house/dance mixes of his hits, which is not what I really expected. I thought these were just remixes. If you like club/house/dance mixes, you will enjoy this.

- mateo_adams

I knew by the title "Essential Mixes" it was going to be a remix of the songs. And they are. They're not bad but definitely not better than the originals.

- aiyana_carter


- alonso_hall

The dance tracks were wack!

- kenley_diaz

Excellent Condition

- kenna_rodriguez

Brilliant - Usher never makes anything other than great music.

- zayne_chavez

Gift for my husband

- silas_martin

Top album

- zendaya_foster

good not bad very very good to have and I will need one for my friend and family all so

- iliana_rodriguez

Old skool Usher

- eric_nelson

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