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I am an RDJ fan but that actually has nothing to do with this review. Because he wasn't great. But this movie was slaughtered by the 'google it' critics (who always remind me of a bunch of snotty, single, NYC sushi chomping 30 somethings using big words and carrying around kate spade purses but with no idea of the real world. Nobody who reviewed this movie has kids under age 7. Or, they forgot how it is to have kids under 7. Guaranteed.) And I think that is unfair. Plain and simple: If you are looking for a smooth, sexy, intellectually stimulating movie that will piece together perfectly for your sophisticated palate? This ain't it. However - and this is a HUGE however - I liked it. I really did. I didn't love it - but I liked it. The only part that drove me bananas was that he didn't wash his hands in the waterfall. But it doesn't deserve the HORRID 'google it' reviews, and here's why: IT IS A CHILDREN'S MOVIE. Not a disney pretend to be a kids movie but slide in a ton of sexual references, boob shots and adult humor movie. This is silly, colorful, and a bring you back to the days of 2 or 3 little girls running around the floor with sippy cups after their 1/2 day kindergarten kind of movie. 100% family and innocent. No identifiable political agenda. And save for one slight scorpion joke, no sexual references - AT ALL. It was SWEET and innocent. And - he did a Welsh accent. Sometimes badly, but many Welsh people I know are often half drunk, so even their Welsh accents are bad from time to time. Also, due to the Welsh thing, you may not understand 1/3 of what he is saying, but - it's Ok. I was married to a Welsh guy, and didnt understand 1/2 of what he said either. You will get used to it. When I was 6, my favorite show was Land of the Lost. If I was 6 today, this would be my favorite movie. If you have little kids, or want a movie to remember those days - try it. It's only 5.99. And the fact that RDJ made a children's movie for CHILDREN - makes me like him even more.

- hanna_nguyen

Just finished watching this for the 2nd time in 24 hours so I don't lose the value of my rental! And what a delight this was, even better than the first time I saw it less than 24 hours ago! Where do I begin? Robert Downy Jr. is phenomenal in this role, playing the "slightly off" doctor who talks to a delightful bunch of lovable animals. But boy do these animals have character and personalities of their own!! Interestingly too, most of these characters are voiced by some of your favorite A-line actors - Tom Holland (a.k.a Spiderman), John Cena, Octavia Spencer, Selena Gomez just to name a few and the beloved Emma Thompson in my favorite role of hers since S&S...Despite the negative comments on here regarding this not being a good adaptation, just give it a try!! You will NOT be disappointed! If you like adventure, action, humor, breathtaking cinematography and the feeling of warm fuzzies afterward, this is your flick! I'm an adult and although this was geared towards your younger audiences, I watched it twice and thoroughly enjoyed it! Last but not least, if you're an Antonio Banderas fan, you'll get a treat from his humorous performance in this one. The rental on Amazon now is $5.99 and I squeamed at first at the idea of paying so much for a 24 hour rental, not 48 hours to say the least, but after watching this, I HAD to see it again within the 24 hours and it was well worth the $5.99. Such a gem, I'm seriously thinking about owning this once the price drops! There, I've said enough. Now, what are you waiting for? Go check this movie out and prepare for a fun filled 2 hour adventure you will NOT regret!

- nathaniel_lopez

This was a great family movie!! One of the best that I have seen in a good while. Love the creativity and the action. Its just right for all. It has action, romance, mystery, and adventure. Highly recommend this during a period when everyone needs to stay indoors. Make this a "Must Watch" on your family movie nights!!

- adrien_parker

The CGI was outstanding. I have to say, they pulled it off well. The animals looked amazing. That being said, the movie was absolute garbage. The voices for the animals were un-creative. It was just the normal speaking voice of random people and it was just weird. I usually LOVE Robert Downey Jr stuff but man the voice he used in the movies was UNBEARABLE. He spoke in this weird, soft whisper and it was hard to follow. The writing was sloppy and sophomoric. It all just came together in a cringe-worthy package. Also, I'm tired of the subliminals. Stop saying "God" every time something bad happens, stop having every bad guy say "God." Just more hot fresh woke garbage with no real character, meaning or soul. Just more pop-reference junk in a child's movie. Very let down.

- austin_howard

My husband and I took our three kids (ages 4,4,3) and two of our nephews (ages 5 and 7) to watch this last night. We all LOVED it. The kids were belly laughing through nearly the entire movie and no one in our group got scared. A great resource to use for reviews is You can search the title of a movie/book/game, the review will tell you all of the language, sexual content, drug and alcohol use, violent content and frightening scenes. We use it for every movie before we go and watch something. It gives a much more unbiased review of things. Everyone has different standards and everyone’s child(ren) are at different places and it’s hard to make decisions based off of personal decisions. For example: had I read the review above and saw that someone’s 9 year old was frightened in some parts, we wouldn’t have taken our group. On the other hand if someone saw that my group of 3-7 year olds didn’t get scared, and they take their four year old and they are frightened, it’s no good for the four year old or parent(s). It’s much better to get facts, rather than opinion. 😉

- aubriella_harris

Its nice to see a movie that's clean and great for all ages. And most of all it wasn't "Woke" nothing saddens me more then seeing a good movie ruin for pushing a political agenda. This one doesn't and I love it

- marcos_white

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