Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut (Unrated Version)

Deadpool 2: Super Duper Cut (Unrated Version)

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We only watched the extended cut so far and have not seen the theatrical cut. I laughed till I cried. Seriously wasn't sure how this one would be. You know, sequels and all. It was awesome! All the style of the first one without a total copy of the plot. They continue to also remake X-Men characters the way they should've been in the 1st place. Haven't laughed this hard in years!

Can only hope that if Disney/Fox happens they have the courage to leave this alone and let the crew continue as is.

If you liked the first one then this is totally worth it.

- sawyer_patel

Who in the hell thought it was a good Idea to just put no sort of menu or anything on these digital downloads? I have to watch or skip the ENTIRE MOVIE to get to the actual super duper cut of the movie? Not only that, but I didn't find that out until after already watching the movie thinking "Man, there was really nothing special about that..." Only to have the actual special edition start playing immediately after the credits with ZERO indication that "Oh hey, guess what THIS is the extended version that you bought lol have fun watching it again right away.

Seriously, I feel like Deadpool should have gone back in time to whoever thought this was a good way to distribute digital media and perform an execution like he did to Green Lantern. You guys really dropped the ball on this one, I feel like I could have just used the money that I spent on this to buy a homeless guy crack and the money would have been better spent.

TLDR buy a actual copy at your local retailer if you want to actually enjoy the special cut/extras

- celeste_murphy

I recommend the uncut version. If you got this on Amazon digital you have to fast forward to 1hr59mins to get to the uncut since tje menu is non existent

- dane_edwards

What more can I say. It's Deadpool, and the Super Duper uncut version of the movie is just what you expect from an Deadpool movie. Only thing I wish there was is the option to go directly to the Super Duper Uncut Version since the digital version on Amazon plays the Theatrical First, then the Uncut one right after. I did find you can use the skip scene option to get to the uncut version but I think Amazon or whom ever is in charge of digital releases should make it more user friendly to get to the version you want like on Bluray.

- sylvie_castillo

The first one was so much better. This one suffered from horrible writing, bad jokes and far too much slapstick. I also did not care about the kid and found the plot line of saving him tedious. As well, it seemed a bit silly watching them kill 50 people just to convince the kid not to kill one person. In short, it was a complete letdown. The first one is a classic. This one is a dud.

- rhys_kim

There is absolutely no question that the script was written specifically for Ryan Reynolds. Only Ryan Reynolds could pull off that type of humor in those situations. It was very entertaining but certainly not something for the teenage and younger crowd.

- jagger_morris

I have updated the streaming version after discovering how to be able to jump to scenes. When watching or beginning the movie press the up button on the remote. The movie will pause and you will see information. Press the up button again. At the top of the screen you will see a menu. Press the up button again to get to that menu and then press the right or left button ( not fast forward buttons) and select scenes. You can then use the right or left buttons ( around the circle ) to select the scene you want, including the Super Duper Cut. I do not know if Amazon updated the content or it was just user error. Regardless the streaming is as functional as a DVD now. The movie itself was great. I feel the Super Duper version just added scenes that deserved to be cut.

- eddie_castillo

Often what works best in one film works least in its sequel. Everyone involved in this project clearly dodged that bullet. Deadpool is on a mission to off his girlfriend's killer when he finds himself wrapped up with his chummy X-Men as they go defuse (literally) a volatile situation at a orphan's house for mutants. What no one knows is how the mutant causes all the commotion is deeply linked to the future and a time-traveler. This, of course, creates a myriad of problems - kindly taken care of by a wonderful cast and caustic writing. Yes, this Deadpool is more sentimental and this does detract from the devil-may-care attitude of the first. But it comes in relatively small doses, parceled throughout the film. If there was a way to do this, this was the way. Otherwise, Deadpool and his companions (most of all) have that razor-sharp, total-abandonment-of-all-decency spirit that made the first so irreverently funny. I tend to think that the third, having fulfilled its quota of seriousness, will be about as licentious as the ratings board will allow. Again, a very solid sequel.

- daniella_rivera

After the success of the first Deadpool movie, the wise cracking fourth wall breaking hitman gets a sequel. Which will not make a lot of sense to those who haven't seen the first film. If you haven't, why are you reading this? Go and watch it. Then come back.

After the end of the first film, can Wade and Vanessa live happily ever after? Would they have a movie if so? Fate leaves Deadpool looking for purpose. The X Men might not be the answer. A mysterious boy with special powers and a time travelling killer called Cable [Josh Brolin] might be...

Sequels are tricky things. People want the same. But different. But there's enough mileage and flexibility in this format to allow for enough variety to make it click. And when you're throwing gags at the screen at such a rate, most are likely to connect.

It's a little stronger plot wise than the first film. It is of course not going to have the freshness and originality of that, but there is still enough great fun and good jokes to make it an entertaining watch. With a bigger cast some characters don't get as much to do as you might like, but Josh Brolin makes a very good Cable, Zazie Beetz is a superb Domino and really deserves her own franchise. And Peter's pretty cool too.

There are some bad reviews of this out there, so it might be a matter of subjective opinion. But if you loved the first film, give this a go. As to whether you should watch to the end of the credits, didn't you learn anything from what you were told at the end of that one????

The disc begins with the fox logo, but then goes into the menu with no ads or trailers.

Although the box just says English for subtitles and languages, I checked the disc, and it's actually:

Languages: English. English audio description. Russian. Ukrainian.
Subtitles: English. Russian. Danish, Swedish. Finnish. Estonian. Latvian. Lithuanian. Ukrainian.

Extras: A three minute long gag reel. If you've seen one gag reel, you've seen them all. People doing silly dances and pulling faces and the occasional outtake that raises a slight smile. This is no different.

Deadpool's fun sack 2: contains a stills gallery. This is pretty funny with an interesting collection of items and posters and worth a look.

And videos. Roughly forty mins in total, which can be watched individually or all together.

No good deed. ['ll see....]
Wet on wet.
Brazil comic con tattoos.
Deadpool meet cable.
Red band [ie same as above with strong language] Deadpool meet cable.
The trailer.
Red band trailer.
Final trailer.
Red band the final trailer.
Imax psa.
Celine Dion singing ashes video.
Behind the scenes of ashes.
Eur missing a country.
Deadpool takes over Manchester united.
The first ten years.
Welcome to the party pop video.
Deadpool two thanks you.

Some repetition seeing the trailers in a row, but a lot of fun in the above. It doesn't have the apology to David Beckham one though, if you were looking for that.

- nicolas_jones

Könnte einiges an Spoiler beinhalten.

Gilt für die Super Duper [email protected]%#& Cut. Hier eine Länge von 139 Minuten zu der Kinofassung von 119 Minuten. Erst Mal der Vorspann der eine Verarsche von James Bond ist. Einfach nur herrlich und ich habe fast mich fast erstickt vor Lachen was dort alles stand. Aber auch schon davor wo sich Pool in die Luft jagd und darüber labert das wenn Logan in seinem letzten Film sterben konnte, er das doch auch mal versuchen könne. Eins vorweg schon hier fliegen Körperteile in Großaufnahme durch die Luft und der Film ist durchgehend sehr blutig, Gedärme hängen bei einer Szene aus Pool raus, Kopfschüsse ohne Ende, Teilungen per Schwert und die Sprüche sind auch nicht gerade jugendfrei. Daher wundert es mich eh das der Film nicht ab 18 Jahre ist sondern ab 16.

Die Actionszenen sind wieder sehr gut, oft aber als CGI erkennbar, sogar so das Pool ein Mal erwähnt das es jetzt eine CGI Schlacht wird. Das neue Team um Pool die X Force ist auch genial, vor allen das Casting um sie zu finden. Sogar ein Unsichtbarer ist dabei, wer sich dahinter versteckt verrate ich nicht.

Gags ohne Ende, ich kam aus dem Lachen einfach nicht mehr raus. Ryan Reynolds ist die Rolle einfach auf dem Leib geschrieben, er spielt Pool einfach fantastisch. Natürlich bekommt DC und Marvel oft sein Fett weg, vor allen als Cable ihn fragt wer er ist und Pool sagt: "Ich bin Batman!"

Saukomisch. Nochmal der Film ist aber auch sehr brutal aber für mich als Pool Fan genau so richtig wie er wieder geworden ist. Ich vermute mal das Pool auch Bi ist, er baggert dauernd einen X-Man an. Fasst ihn seinen Hintern und so. Und sein indischer Taxifahrer aus Teil 1 macht auch wieder mit, genau wie seine blinde Mitbewohnerin die Oma. So müssen Actionfilme für Erwachsene sein.

Natürlich haut Deadpool auch gegen die eigene Filmfirma und den Drehbuchautoren wieso ihnen oft nichts besseres als Dialoge eingefallen ist. Und wieder durchbricht Pool die 4. Wand wenn er oft Blicke auf die Zuschauer wirft oder mit ihnen redet.

Und was der Film noch zu bieten hat? Einen der längsten Filmtode den ich je gesehen habe und der ist auch noch furchtbar komisch.

- lane_long

Once again the Deadpool crew have pulled off a very good, funny effort - the baby legs.......omg!!! It plays on various superhero universes with various in jokes and smashing comedic fight scenes, in an expertly produced fashion. I am with this and the first movie all the way and will watch again and again.

I have to mention I have a slight reluctance to completely love these films though (both for me are 4 stars) - not sure why as yet but maybe it is down to too much self awareness in these films starts to weirdly detract from the whole point of the experience of watching the film. I do find myself on occassion just wondering when the next clever retort or upbeat put down will kick in, instead of just enjoying the ride. Perhaps this is a reflection of the relatively small space in the marvel-verse that both plots seem to exist in.
That said, the Deadpool movies hold their own outrageous corner of the marvel universe really well overall and there is def room now for tie ins to other parts of the marvel-verse........perhaps it is time to expand the scope of the overall story for the next one.......surprise us a wee bit more maybe next time.......

- brenna_sanders

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