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I love this series, I swear everthing Fuller touches is gold but never lasts long. Although short lived it was a great series, the movie they made after the show ended wasn't that great. If I rewatch it again I'll pretend that disc isn't canon.

- dana_flores

The writing for this movie felt rushed and sloppy. The series was great, but this is just a giant turd.

- yara_gray

"Quirky"? somewhat. Perhaps from the outlook on life and death portrayed in the story. The characters are completely forgettable. It's categorized as a comedy by Prime. If so, well, the writing doesn't quite live up to it's job there. This is more of a drama about life and death, coming of age, family, etc. I was hoping to only see disgruntled grim reapers who got moped out doing something dumb that got them killed or something. Nope--what we get is mother daughter stuff, grieving parents and other things like people in a hospital. It's not funny! It's kind of a downer actually. I didn't press plays to have moments of getting bummed out. I didn't watch the show and could care less so perhaps that's why I didn't know what to expect. Still, my review is based on the movie alone and has nothing to do with the show. Even if this movie was labeled a drama it wouldn't be a very good one. At BEST, this movie is average on every level but I think that's a tiny bit of a stretch. It's like a slightly racy Lifetime movie and at moments is downright annoying too.

- aubrielle_walker

I really loved the series Dead Like Me and when it abruptly ended with the 2nd season was so disappointed. That’s why this movie such a bonus to me. It answers some questions and provides a good closure lacking from the series. I don’t want to give details away.

That’s not to say it’s perfect, some cast changes (Bye Bye Mandy Patinkin as Rube and Sarah Wynter as the replacement for Laura Harris as Daisy Adair). Most of the original cast is present reprising their roles. Like most sequels it isn’t as good as the original series but has a kind of capstone mission and is a gift to diehard fans.

The movie is set 5 years later and with Rube suddenly gone and Der Waffle Haus burned down there is a new leader but things don’t seem right about him causing problems in our beloved reaper team and eventually revealing a deeper issue. The pacing and plot and characters are true to the original series and made this a entertaining viewing for me.

If you were a hard core Dead Like Me fan this will be a great bonus after the fact. It’s that way for me and why I’m giving it 5 stars. If you never watched the series I expect it will be a lot less satisfying. Go watch the series first! You’ll like this movie a lot more!

- skylar_campbell

For some reason I did not catch the series when it was on TV, but I started watching the reruns and loved it. A few months ago I borrowed the DVDs from the library and watched all of the shows, except for the bonus movie, which they did not have. I really wonder why it only lasted two seasons as it was fantastic. When it is over it leaves you wanting more. Ok, some people did not like the cursing, the violence, the sexual scenes, but hey, that is what life is all about. You would be cursing too if your life was cut short. Yes, it should be for adults. Teens however might find it useful to get their lives in gear, as it explores what happens to Georgia when she is suddenly deprived of all the things she could have done. It seems the priority for becoming a reaper is not doing what you should/could have done, and at the same time being given a second chance to experience life. Lots of moments that will get you thinking and also lots of moments when you will burst out laughing. You will definitely fall in love with the characters has I had.

- rory_cook

Dead Like Me is an original, thought provoking series that is filled with great stories and a ton of humour. The cast is superb and works well together. The plot is interesting and the sub-plots are entertaining. While I would never want to be a 'Reaper', I find their world fascinating. If you like off-beat, quirky stories filled with sarcasm, dark humour and tongue in cheek comedy this is the series for you. Give it a try. I'm sure that you'll enjoy it.

- abdiel_kelly

"Dead Like Me" starts with a delightful ensemble cast. It has a light-hearted surface veneer that overlays a thoughtful look at pertinent life issues. This gives the comedy meaning & insight. I especially like Ellen Muth as the central character, and Mandy Patinkin as her reaper boss. The scenes in Der Waffle House are simple yet constantly inventive. This show is another one of those cult favorites that disappeared too soon. I recommend this show whole heartedly.

- margot_stewart

Never heard of this show until a friend lent me a DVD. Only two seasons but well worth the time. The characters are extraordinarily well developed and the dialogue ranges from mildly amusing to brilliant. Truly an ensemble performance. The movie bonus, well, skip it. It's a little too self aware and not up to the bar set by the series.

- juliana_campbell

Certainly the conversation-starter of your DVD collection.

Dead Like Me tells the story of an eighteen year old girl who is killed by a toilet seat that falls from space. Before anyone can even
carry her body away, she's given a new one and hired as a grim reaper. It's now her job to collect the souls of people about to die.
Turns out the man who reaped her soul had filled his quota, and now that he's moved on, Georgia has to take his place.

There are five reapers in Georgia's division, and they all deal with accidental deaths. Their boss meets with them in the same coffee
shop every morning and hands out post-it notes with names, addresses and times so they know where to go. When the reapers aren't reaping,
or ordering coffee and trading insults, they still have to pay the bills somehow. One's actually a meter maid. Georgia works in an office.

This show shines in various ways. The banter between the reapers in their favourite coffee shop is always spectacular. The imaginative
deaths of the "victims" are always surprising, and Georgia's desperation to stay in contact with her family (which is strictly against the
rules) is believable. The concept of death as entertainment may sound a little distasteful but it's dealt with in a serious and touching
way, without becoming sentimental or weepy. It's sharp and honest, but always a laugh. You will fall in love with the characters over the
29 episodes that span Seasons 1 and 2.

The 2009 movie that comes with this collection is a bit of a dud. It tries to pick up where the series left off in 2004, but one regular
character is written out and one is played by a different actress who (sorry!) is pretty bad. There's plenty of laughs in the film and ties
up a few loose ends but some are left loose for good, because the show was cancelled in 2004, despite its high ratings.

The collection is decent. It would be five stars alone for the quality of the episodes, but the movie is pretty bad, the story is not
*entirely* resolved, and the cardboard box that holds the set is a bit flimsy. Mine arrived in the post already a bit bent. This is a
brilliant buy, and you'll definitely enjoy it. Sadly you'll not see anything like it again.

NOTE: THIS COLLECTION IS REGION 1! You will need a region free DVD player to play the collection. You can buy Seasons 1 and 2 separately,
and in Region 2 (which is the UK region.)

- kelsey_foster

Loved this TV series. To this day still my fav TV show. Ordered this box set and it came in the mail as 2 packages which i thought was weird. But for some reason 1 episode skips everytime i play it. The disc isnt even scratched must be a printing error so that kinda sucks. Still watched the whole series about 5 times, sucks it was cancelled.

- sadie_peterson

One of my favorite TV shows of all time. I was disappointed to find out that they weren't making the dvd's any more but happy to find this gently used set for a good price.

- jameson_jimenez

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