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The comic was a fair bit darker and creepier. The show suffers from having gotten the "Saturday morning" treatment, particularly the goofy cartoon sound effects sprinkled in to cut the tension and their choice to use Jose as the primary antagonist(while having him double as painfully bad comic relief) rather than Von Reichter.

There are some art choices that bother me, like the way they draw short hair as a random assortment of little colored rectangles. It works okay-ish to depict arm hair, but when they use it on characters' heads it looks more like they've just gone through chemo and most of their hair has fallen out in patches than the buzzcut look they were probably going for. Also there are some Japanese characters that are written and acted pretty well, but drawn kind of yikes. Squint lines for eyes, buck teeth, the whole schtick.

All that being said, it's still a pretty amazing show in spite of its flaws. The TMS animation really shines, and even the watered-down, "for kids" version of a cyberpunk noir superheroine fighting a Nazi mad scientist's monsters is pretty friggin' cool. Cybersix's character has this really compelling sadness to her, and I've always been a sucker for the trope of androids longing to be more human.

- kaiya_collins

I haven't read the comic, so I can't say how good of an adaptation it is, but for a late 90s cartoon that was developed from an Argentinean (?) comic, by Japan, and aired in Canada(?) It has a very unique style and world and it's a shame there isn't more or a modern adaptation.
The main characters do have good chemistry and interactions with one another, and the situations where they're paired up differently are a good way to show off their personalities.
The sound doesn't 100% seem well mixed and besides the opening/ending and some of the themes played in some episodes, the music kind of sounds generic.
The worst part is the "villain" of Jose, and how they use him for much of the comedy relief which tends to ruin the tension whenever he's on screen. I would hope if he's from the comic, he's more of an actual foil and threat and not an immediate punchline. Can't complain too much since it was made to be a children's show, and for the 90s every other show had some character like this to make kids laugh and not change the channel, but with the ideas and potential it has, this show is still a decent watch and has gotten me interested in the comic itself.

- esther_cook

I don't often watch an older series and think 'yeah, this needs a reboot' because normally reboots sort of... ruin things. I really DO think that this series is deserving of one though. Even with the strange art-style of their 'short hair' I found enjoyment in how fluid the animation itself was. This series really had a lot going for it, and I'm a bit sad now that SaberSpark brought me here because I want more T_T Even the voice acting was great!
Binged the entire series and now I'm like begging my sister to cosplay as CyberSix... she's just so badass!

- grant_bailey

Here's a nice gem I found via YouTube tonight, then later watched on Amazon Prime.

Cybersix - a late 90's Canadian-Japanese anime series based on an Argentinian comic. Quite a mouthful, right?

So, what's this Cybersix, you may ask?

Warning: Words Words Words

Think an anime-inspired Batman the Animated Series meets Jackie Chan Adventures, and a dash of Cowboy Beebop - based in a fictional Argentinian city for it's "Gotham." Yeah, that's a interesting mashup!

This is the Synopsis from Amazon: Von Reichter is a professor who created a series of artificial humanoids with super strength. One of the them, Cybersix, escapes and arrives in the city of Meridiana while disguising herself as school teacher Adrian. While saving the city from Reichter's creations, Cybersix defeats monsters called "Fixed Ideas"and drinks "sustenance", in order to survive.

Parts of the story are a bit on the nose - but there's mystery, action, quirky romance, and some character development. There's also moments of over the top villainy of Team Rocket proportions. Cybersix's backstory could have been expanded upon more during the run, but I think most of that would have been fleshed out in time if Season 2 came along.

The animation and art direction is overall pretty good. It has a solid Saturday Morning cartoon vibe to it, but with a slightly older demographic in mind. It's done very well and holds your attention, at least it did for me.

Hey! It was in the 90's - so give it some slack. :)

Sadly, it only lasted 1 season in the US and was partially (9 episodes) on Fox Kids, being toned down quite a bit from it's comic book roots, which tackled a more mature themes and story elements.

Overall though, it's a good 13 episode run, though I would have loved a second season.

If any of this peaks your interest - it's on Amazon prime and on DVD, though you can sample episodes 1-3 through TMS Entertainment's Youtube channel.

I definately wished I caught this back in the day and had went into more seasons, but very glad I came across it. :) At some point, I will get the DVD. Hope this helps someone wanting to learn more about this cool series.

- andrea_ramirez

I'd only seen a couple of episodes, out of order, back when this first aired.

Finally finding this now and getting a chance to watch it?


If only there was a second season.

- jose_watson

This is a great series! Glad to see it up. Love the opening song and animation. If your look for a good 90's series definitely check out this one.

- anabelle_reed

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