Complete Studio Master Takes

Complete Studio Master Takes

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I got this at a time the price was crazy low, and as such I'm super happy to have this in my collection. The discs are nice and quiet and the packaging is very nice. That being said, I'm 99% positive that these are CD masters pressed to vinyl which is the only reason I've kept this from a five star review. The label these were released under is notorious for pressing CD masters with music that is older than the limitations of their copyright in Europe. They definitely did not have access to the master tapes or the master stampers to make these and are potentially violating the copyright of the original album artwork which is protected under different copyright laws. I bought this because I love everything Ella and Louis recorded together and it's great to put on when I'm at home toiling with projects or cooking dinner and casually listening. You won't get much out of this if you're looking to critically listen to the intricacies of these recordings, but it sounds great if you don't mind listening to this collection slightly altered from their original glory.

- genevieve_wood

The best part here is the presentation...this set comes in a nice box, with a full color booklet that has some interesting info. The records on my shipment were in perfect shape, and are nice and sturdy, with paper sleeves. There are 5 full-size records and one 10" LP, and the title "complete studio master takes" is pretty accurate here; just about anything you could want from these two is included here.

The not so best part here is the reason you would buy a set like this; how do the records sound? Well, there's no background noise, popping, anything like that. Records are in perfect shape. However, the pressing isn't the best I've ever heard. Granted, I haven't heard most of these recordings on vinyl, and the only thing I have to compare is a SACD release of the first title in this set. I have that SACD, and it sounds pretty clearly better.

Bottom line is, if you want all of Ella and Louis' tracks in one collection with OK quality, this set is a no-brainer, but if you're looking for a pressing that is out of this world this one might disappoint you.

Oh, and one final caveat...I got this cheap. I mean, super-cheap, as in under $20. If you buy this for under $20, you should be awfully happy, just because of what you get. I can't imagine they could press the records and include the box and artwork for much less than that; I'm basing my review on the prices that it looks like today on Amazon.

- florence_richardson

I was looking forward to this LP box set for a long time. It comes with every album that Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald did together. I listened to this digitally, and the sound does not compare to the vinyl version. I really felt like they were in my living room putting on a private concert. The sound is clear and warm. I highly recommend this for vinyl collectors!

- arianna_gray

I was so incredibly excited that this finally came after ordering it months ago. I understand it's probably pretty tough to come by. When I opened it and started listening to the first album I found that my copy of Ella and Louis again was missing the second record. The record should have sides A,B,C, and D but I only have A and B. I don't want to return it because it took so long to get in the first place I don't really want to wait longer.

- finnley_wilson

What a great set for the price it cannot be beat!

- kai_clark

It's wonderful to find so much amazing music in one set. The vinyl pressing was also excellent, no problems.

- brenna_sanders

wowie zowie, what a bargain!

- darren_ruiz

Amazing set. 180gm. Gorgeous quality. What a steal!

- brian_taylor

Ella & Louis - Complete Studio Master Takes Vinyl is not a limited numbered edition and is of poor quality.

- emery_bailey

Finalmente disponibile un cofanetto con tutte le incisioni effettuate dalla leggendaria coppia di artisti. Sei vinili ben suonanti in una confezione ricca ed accurata, con la chicca di un 10" con i master Decca, in vinile blu. La qualità è buona ma chiaramente siamo di fronte ad una stampa da master digitale, per cui il suono a volte pare fin troppo pulito; sono andate un po' perse quelle imperfezioni che contestualizzavano le registrazioni d'epoca. Poco male perché comunque questo cofanetto resta un documento storico importante, un concentrato di interpretazioni spettacolari. Consigliatissimo.

- jayce_hill

Stupendo cofanetto che consiglio agli appassionati della musica jazz.
Un must have per gli amanti del duo "Ella Fitzgerald e Louis Armstrong". Ottima la qualità audio delle ristampe.

- raelyn_thomas

Product arrived damaged. Tried to contact someone to rectify the issue but no one to contact. Really disappointed!

- phoenix_ortiz

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