CODENAMES: Harry Potter Board Game | Based on Harry Potter Films | Officially Licensed Harry Potter Game | Harry Potter Merchandise

CODENAMES: Harry Potter Board Game | Based on Harry Potter Films | Officially Licensed Harry Potter Game | Harry Potter Merchandise

Posted by jack_miller | Published 6 months ago

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Codewords is a fun game...normally. unfortunately for some reason the makers thought to change things about the game to create a better Harry Potter experience and ended up complicating it and making the play difficult. My advice is to use the pattern cards from the original game with the Harry Potter themed cards and skip the use of the pheonix cards a d such.

- zayden_ruiz

This game is great! The rules are same as Codenames Duet, but with Order of the Phoenix members, Deatheaters, and Ministriy of Magic officials in place of Secret Agents, Assassins, and Innocent Bystanders. It's a little different from regular Codenames, but it's exactly the same as Codenames Duet (or the two-person cooperative rules for Codenames) and not very complicated. Really fun and great for Harry Potter fans!

Update: We've had the most success with this game by mixing it up with regular Codenames Duet. (We use 15 Harry Potter cards and 10 regular Codenames cards.) Using only HP cards can be difficult and time-consuming, so mixing it up makes it more fun and results in a lot of hilarious hints!

- teresa_martin

**Important Note: I adore both Harry Potter and Codenames. I was wanting this for a party game when I throw parties as my group of friends loves Codenames.**

Pro's: Overall, I think it is well made, the pictures are cute and it has potential. I like that there are pictures on one side and words on the other, so, you can play with younger/older crowds or more knowledgeable/more muggle crowds.

Cons: It is more complicated than the original version. Instead of there being two teams/colors on the board based off of one key, both teams look off of the opposite side of the key card and work to find everything. This means that some of the clues are muggles/civilians for one side of the table and death eaters for the other. This is just extra complicated and I don't think plays as well as the normal version. Personally, I'm going to combine the versions and play so that it's the normal rules with Harry Potter clues.

Overall: 3/5 as it is good quality, just didn't provide the entertainment I was expecting.

- vance_nguyen

Usually Code Names is a big hit in our house with kids 14 to 24. I bought this because two of my kids are huge Harry Potter fans. It is not like the original code names and difficult to understand how to play. Disappointed because it will probably sit on the shelf. They should offer a revision to make it like the original.

- josie_smith

I'm a fan of the regular Code Names and an avid Harry Potter fan, so I thought this game would be fabulous. Alas, not true. This came can't be played unless everyone is a devout Harry Potter fan, as it is very difficult to string clues together unless you know the series very well. I played this with a couple of different groups of people hoping that the first play was a fluke, but the second group turned out to be as equally flummoxed. We didn't even attempt to play with the extra rules for Harry Potter that made the game more difficult, rather we used the regular placement cards from the regular Code Names game. The Harry Potter rules were too contrived to even attempt with how difficult it was to play to begin with. Good idea, but the game doesn't work in a normal crowd of people.

- madeleine_ortiz

I LOVE codenames but there are issues with this game. There are awesome cards but they changed the way to play. Instead of playing against another team you are all supposed to work together which is really not fun. I took a blue marker and drew my own cards so we could play teams.

- amelia_davis

My family loves Codenames and I was thrilled to see a HP version!

The nice part about this game is that you already know that all of the words are related because they’re all Harry Potter themed. The difficult part of this game is that all the words are related because they’re all Harry Potter themed. Since you can’t say any words (or parts of words) already on the board, that definitely limits most of your clues. So you have to get really creative and be patient when waiting.

I liked the two player option. I plan on using that for regular Codenames as well. There are also extra challenges to complete, which helps to keep the game interesting. I didn’t particularly care for the picture side of the cards. The pictures are fine, but I just prefer to use only the words.

All in all though, it’s a fun game! Definitely a good gift for a Harry Potter fan.

- jayden_sanchez

My kids, who are teenagers, love Codenames. We got the original and played it so much over the summer. But we heard that the HP version was coming and we are huge fans. So, when it came out we bought this as our Christmas game. Because we know so much about the HP world, it makes the game more enjoyable than the original. Even younger HP fans can play this version because the world is limited and easy to procure the information. Must have for your game collection.

- oscar_alvarez

Never played the original codenames so take that into mind when reading my review. I found the game kind of pointless. Played maybe once or twice and was quite boring to be honest

- preston_hughes

People who've only seen the movies once will have trouble playing this game, but it's SUPER fun for hardcore fans.

- dulce_gutierrez

At first looks little complicated, but once you get going is lots of fun!

- luna_torres

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