Chasing Hope: An Anthology (Stanislaskis)

Chasing Hope: An Anthology (Stanislaskis)

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By: Nora Roberts

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The first two books in the highly celebrated Stanislaski series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts 

Taming Natasha 

The first time single father Spence Kimball sets eyes on Natasha Stanislaski, he's floored by her exotic beauty. But the former ballet dancer turned toy shop owner has a fiery temperament that keeps most men safely at bay. Sensing a hidden wound, Spence and his little girl join forces to find a way into Natasha's closely guarded heart. He'll do whatever it takes to tame Natasha's fears…and show her how to love. 

Luring a Lady 

Nothing in Sydney Hayward's background of wealth and privilege has prepared her to take the helm of her family's corporation, and her new responsibilities leave no room for complications. Mikhail Stanislaski is definitely a complication. Earthy and masculine, Mikhail comes from a world utterly different from her own. But the way she feels when he puts his strong, work-hardened hands on her is wreaking havoc with Sydney's resolve!
This is a larger-sized release of a couple of novels from 1990 & 1991, which I was happy to get, because my old mass market versions were yellowed with age. I've read all the Stanislaski novels several times, and always enjoyed them. This volume has the first two books in the series. If you go for family-oriented romances with some sensuality, a touch of humor, and the occasional tear, you will absolutely love these books. "Taming Natasha" introduces the former ballet dancer, who now runs a very popular toy store in a small town. One of her little customers, Frederica, is looking for a mother and a baby sister; Freddie's dad, Spence, wants what is best for Freddie. Luckily, it appears that Freddie and Spence will find all their answers in Natasha. "Luring a Lady" brings us back to NYC, where most of the clan resides. Mikhail is living in a run-down building, and doesn't hesitate to have a run-in with the landlord...who happens to be a beautiful, but insecure, woman who has just taken over the company after the death of her grandfather. Mikhail is a wonderful hero, combining talent (he's a famous artist), practicality (he's also a licensed contractor who will fix the building) and a good sense of humor and romance, with more than a touch of alpha male...but, when it comes to any Stanislaski novel, it's all about family. And it's a wonderful family, so grab it and settle in for a great read!

- kian_evans

I wish I could pull them out from the pages. In truth, I think the Stanislaskis are my favorite Nora Roberts' series of all time. You'll see yourself in Mikhail's simplicity and you'll recognize the issues or the nerves around Natasha's heart. You'll love them both and wish they lived down the block from you. I am so certain of this, I picked the book up on impulse in a bookshop and never put it down until I reached the last page. What makes Natasha and Mikhail so amazing is that you feel the characters: their tragedies, their triumphs and passions. You see their flaws and their strengths along with more than enough gravity and thankfully less parentage interference than say the MacGregors which is a refreshing change.

- josue_flores

Great condition for a used copy and perfectly readable and a wonderful addition to my collection. Also I received the correct Paperback edition and not the Mass-paperback edition that happens sometimes big difference. Thank You!

- dalton_peterson

I liked the Stanislaski family therefore I liked this book as it introduced me to this family and I really like it when Nora Roberts introduces big families such as these for they remind me of my crazy family and why I like them so much.

- renata_stewart

Seller great job just as promised; notta for author putting other jackets on book for their gain!

- russell_williams

A series which I bought and enjoyed all three. Not edge of the seat stories but gentle story telling that you font get bored with as there is some mystery in there as well.

- sandra_sanders

Nora Roberts books are a good read. If you are on a plane and start her book you probably will just about finish it.

- laylah_robinson

This is the great story of Natasha & Makhail Stanislaski. Both stubborn strong willed, and loved by people just as bad as they are. Natasha shows her generous heart and loving nature even though she fights against it when it comes to Spence. Makhail never thought he was good enough for Sydney but she is determined enough for the both of them

- tomas_jimenez

Really looking forward to reading this book.

- bennett_thompson

i bought this book for my mother in law as she couldnt find it anywhere else. she said it was a great book in a trilogy i think not sure.

- joel_kim

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