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I read the Harry Bosch novels a few years ago and for some reason just drifted away from them. But I remember reading a bunch of them and really enjoying the writing and the mystery and complexity of the characters.

I was excited when I saw the series was coming to Amazon and thought I read a few of the old novels to refresh and then the start the series. Well I never got around to rereading the novels and a few days ago my husband was having trouble sleeping and turned episode one of this show on in the middle of the night.

He was hooked immediately which surprised me. He doesn't LOVE many shows. He was telling me all about this new show he found when I realized what he was talking about. I started watching it at episode 3 and we binge watched season one in two days!

Titus Welliver is cast perfectly as Harry Bosch. To me, he IS Bosch. l think the writing and acting is superb. The show is essentially a standard detective story but has some twists and turns.

It seems made for binge watching. When I watched it it didn't feel like ten episodes, it felt like one continuous movie. I just started season 2. I hope I get some sleep tonight and am not up binging on this all night.

- carlos_young

To be fair, I'm not sure how this series is so highly rated.

I attempted to watch this series three times. On the third attempt, I watched the entire first season. It drags significantly, none of the characters (especially the main character) are remotely likable (with exception to Bosch's daughter) and it's the same-in-same-old plot for detective shows. It's like they somehow managed to turn this into a police procedural case-by-episode show, despite it being about the same two cases the entire time. It's also extremely predictable.

I've watched a significant amount of crime thrillers -- The Killing, Janet King, Broadchurch, Happy Valley, Luther, Wire in the Blood, The Bridge (original series) among many others -- and this ranks up there with none of them (maybe in par with the second and third seasons of The Killing, as those weren't that great either).

If I had to sum this up, it's basically a slow-burn thriller (if there is such a thing) with an attempt and fail at a who-dun-it with a character who was intended to be an anti-hero but just comes across as a mundane, stereotypical detective. I will not be watching the next seasons but there will definitely be those that enjoy this series.

- henry_moore

First episode of Bosch is a combination of two of Michael Connelly's books in the Bosch series: Concrete Blonde and City of Bones. Titus Welliver in the title role nails it...he portrays Bosch's inner turmoil about his past and his drive to make "everyone count." The supporting cast is excellent -- including the City of Los Angeles, the backdrop for all of Harry Bosch's stories.

If you're a fan of the books, the pilot will not disappoint. If you're new -- the crIme drama is compelling, but do yourself a favor and get the books!

Please, please keep this series alive

- lea_rodriguez

When I saw the pilot way back when, I loved it and was so thrilled Amazon greenlit the series. Now, all I can say is, "Amazon, when is the second season coming?" This season is well done, and Titus Welliver is amazing as Harry Bosch. I had to take off one star because of multiple WTF moments where you as the viewer can't believe the stupidity of the actions of supposedly seasoned cops or of the plot line. The political machinations are also a bit far-fetched. SPOILER ALERT - don't go further if you don't want to read about key aspects of the season. The series points out several times about how the press and 24/7 coverage can impede an investigation or even convict (in public opinion) innocent people surrounding a crime. And yet, it supposes that if a camera man goes along on a screwed up police outing, the DA can just confiscate the memory card and that would stop it from getting out. Hello. The camera man would never give up the only copy that easily, except that he knows there's a cloud backup...which he then gives up just as easily to the deputy police commissioner?!? He would've made a copy for himself. That's a big flaw. Not to mention that EVERYONE would be asking, where's the footage? You couldn't keep the fact that there was a camera there secret, and then the news story would be, "DA steals memory card in an attempt to cover up his giant screw up." And then there is the fact that Waits killed a man after his escape, then he killed a store clerk, killed a male prostitute and a female prostitute, but it was only after he kidnapped a new mother that the Chief of Police puts all available cops on the case to track him down? That's crazy too. Once they had the lead about the boy's home, they would have had a slew of cops combing the files and they would have found the killer's file in a day instead of the long, drawn-out process that it took with only a few people looking. And same thing with the car the killer was driving. They can't see the license plate, but they could easily look up all the gold minivan's owned by little old ladies (his mother) and narrowed it down that way. And my biggest WTF is the fact that Harry Bosch's psych profile was leaked to a reporter and there was no investigation or complaint filed? First, there are only a few people who would have access to that file to leak it, so it wouldn't be hard to find who did it. It's not like any cop in the area can get his confidential psych records, so the fact that Pounds or whatever his chief's name is, wasn't immediately fired is just stupid. Second, Harry Bosch could sue the department this way and that for not protecting his confidential information. All this hub-bub is made of his rookie girlfriend filing a bogus harassment case against him to save her job, but Harry, who has been violated by a senior officer through this leak, can't do the same? It's absolutely ridiculous.

But, having pointed out all that (and I'm sure there are more), I still loved the series. The actors are all top notch and the setting, the mood, everything pulls you in and keeps you engaged. I can't wait to dissect the next one =).

- tyler_garcia

This television series captures the "essence" of Bosch from every angle: experienced police detective, divorced father with a daughter; cordial relationship (mostly) with the ex-wife who is a police profiler in her earlier life; and frequently insubordinate but results-driven investigator. Every actor is credible in this series which is saying something. In Bosch's world most things are black and white. Right or wrong and no in between. Life doesn't work quite that easily which is why Bosch struggles. Titus Welliver does a great job capturing this character's sentiments, his energy and his drive. "Everyone counts or no one counts." In law enforcement we never really articulated it in such a well crafted motto, but we did live and work by it. Michael Connelly should be pleased with this series, the director and cast. They really hit it out of the park. Cheers!

- allan_peterson

An excellent new crime show. It runs at a laid back pace, no running up walls or gun fights every 5 mins. The difference between this and say the shows you watch today is like the difference between a fine Cuban cigar and a second hand e-cig. Bosh has its moments such as shootings and kidnappings but it relies on good stories and a down to earth cop making sense of a crime.
The lead actor is great as are the cast, if you like cop shows give it a try.

- kaylee_wood

This is well made but some of the actors mutter so much they are incomprehensible - especially Bosch's girlfriend. The felony is compounded by there being no sub-titles.

- eliseo_turner

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