Born in Ice

Born in Ice

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By: Nora Roberts

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The second novel in the Irish Born Trilogy from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Born In Fire

Brianna Concannon is the kind of innkeeper who doesn’t mind the harsh winters of Ireland—and the empty bed-and-breakfast that comes with them. But this year, a famous American author needs a quiet place to stay while writing his next book.

A charmer whose easy smiles mask a guarded past, Grayson Thane plans to spend the cold winter alone. But his lovely landlady adds a complication he never expected. She’s exactly what he’s looking for in his heroine. And soon Grayson and Brianna will learn that sometimes fate has a plan of its own. Sometimes, fire can be born in ice...

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FINAL DECISION: My favorite book of the trilogy, BORN IN ICE has two characters whose past has kept them from moving forward with their lives. I loved how Brianna wins over the wandering Gray with a quiet simplicity.

THE STORY: Brianna Concannon has made a life for herself after converting her family home into a bed and breakfast inn. The younger sister, the dutiful daughter and the one always seeking to make peace in her family, Brianna is looking forward to a quieter winter with only one scheduled guest. Grayson Thane is a famous mystery writer who has come to Ireland seeking peace and quiet and inspiration for his next novel. Gray enjoys his gypsy life traveling from place to place working on his writing. Attracted to Brianna, he wants her but knows that things will end and he will move on.

OPINION: This is my favorite book in the series because I loved both the hero and the heroine in this book from the start.

Brianna is the peacemaker in the family. She has always tried to smooth over the difficulties in her family and yet this book shows how she has been effected by the discord between her parents and the resulting familial difficulties. Despite or perhaps because of this, Brianna has sought to make a peaceful domestic atmosphere that she has translated into her small business of her inn. I loved how Brianna uses the domestic arts to make a "home" for travelers. She is the "ice" in the story because of her place in her family and also because of her quiet personality. This book reveals secrets in her past which result her re-evaluating her life. Into that disruption comes Gray who pushes Brianna from her safe space.

Gray is a man who is so scarred by his past that he has built a great life, but one of a nomad with few personal connections. He sees this as a kind of freedom, but he is challenged by Brianna and the town where she lives. A man who insists that he will not stay when he starts an affair might seem callous, but Gray is so open and honest and caring that I understood him as a character rather than thinking he was a jerk. This book also delves deep into the writing process (something the author certainly understands) and I loved the depictions of how Gray works as an artist.

When I think of this series, I always think about the characters sense of place in Ireland and also how they all connect to the artistic process. There is such an expansive understanding of artistry in this book. Gray is the obvious artist because of his writing, but Brianna is an artist in her own right as she cooks and knits and gardens. The appreciation for these arts is something that I appreciate in this book because such great talent is something that is often overlooked.

This book has a small subplot of mystery which fits the story because of Gray's profession, but this book is really focused on the relationship between Brianna and Gray. The subplots only serve the purpose of the romance which is exactly how I like my romance books.

WORTH MENTIONING: Readers of the first book in the series will get a nice update on Maggie and Rogan.

CONNECTED BOOKS: BORN IN ICE is the second book in the Born in Trilogy. While the romance here is self-contained and thus can be read as a standalone, this series is meant to be read together as there are overlaps in characters and an overarching storyline.

STAR RATING: I give this book 5 stars.

- ellie_baker

Don't get me wrong it's a decent book, but Grayson just didn't make sense and Brie was way too kind. It's basically about a young woman losing her virginity. After they have sex she immediately says she loves him (which I get) - over and over again so there shouldn't be a surprise that she did. SO he breaks up with her because she is "too icy." Huh?! Until then, he has never said it back after she said told him a gazillion times. Grayson then turns it around that it's her fault he's leaving. I started to like him early in the book but it just went downhill.

- mariah_castillo

I would definitely recommend this trilogy, and I look forward to starting the third book. Nora Roberts continues to amaze me with her vivid descriptions of the countryside and village. Her character development in the story makes each person come to life, and I felt like I was actually watching each scene unfold. I continue to be a big fan!

- drake_morgan

Beautiful imagery and traditions of western Ireland. The characters bring it all together. Community being there despite family discord. The twists bring a bonus to the book that Nora Roberts weaves brilliantly into the book. The ending always is amazing and leaves you always thinking of “more.”

- brodie_robinson

This is the second book in the trilogy. I have read all three and loved them. I found myself savoring each chapter.
NR is great at describing the locale so much so that I wanted to live in the town and know these characters. Brianna is a hard working Inn keeper and her guest is a well known murder mystery novelist. He immediately is attracted and wants to get very close. She doesn't want to get involved with someone who is not permanent.
There are moving and funny sections. One fun section was at the bachelor party for Brianna's uncle. The three men get incredibly intoxicated (80 year old-not so much)!
Brianna and her sister have different personalities but are very close. They are attempting to locate their father's true love and possibly their child. The sisters' family drama is heartbreaking. They live a quite life with good friends and good food.
I enjoyed their friends especially Murphy. The third book involves him and it is so good.

- ian_ramos

As a long-time reader of Ms. Roberts, I can assure others that each title is a gift, and "BORN IN ICE" is made to order. This beautiful and touching love story is surrounded by the breathtaking beauty and magic of Ireland. We find Brianna Concannon , a quiet woman whose only desire for success is in striving to make a temporary home for the guests of her bed and breakfast inn, and trying to keep the peace in a family torm apart by mistakes of the past . Enter Grayson Thane, an internationally famous author trying to forget his own troubled past and maintain the life he has painstakinglg created for himself. Not at all interested in putting down roots, he can't fight the pull he feels to this delicate woman who longs for a peaceful, quiet existence and a man to give her heart to . Add in the fire of Maggie Concannon and power of Rogan Sweeney (returning from "Born In Fire")and you have a passionate romance that with pull at your heart, and stay with you long after the last page has been savoured. Thanks again Nora, for yet another glorious love story !

- calvin_hall

I absolutely LOVE the Born in...Trilogy! bORN in FIRE, ICE & SHAME. Roberts's obvious love for Ireland comes through the three stories of 2 sisters who were raised in the same household by an embittered Catholic mother and a loving father who dreamed of more; Born in Ice is Brianna's story, the homemaker who creates a lovely B&B and longs for a family of her own one day; Grayson Thane, a long-term visitor and writer wants NONE of that life...It's interesting to watch the ice melt away in their romance.

- kyle_hernandez

I continue to be charmed all the way to my toes with this series. This Irish family and this Irish community simply breathes life. Brianna and Grayson - what a match. And keeping abreast of Maggie and Rogan and Murphy and, and, and. Enough. Wonderful.

- jaelynn_cook

I love Nora Roberts. She is my all time favourite author and I have read all her books many times over, including this trilogy. Believable characters from the get go, humour, sadness. I laugh and cry each time I read it re-read any of her books and I envy those of you who have not yet discovered her. You have a wonderful back catalogue to read.

- waylon_morris

This is the story of Brianna the second of the three Concannon sisters. Brianna who we first met in Born in Fire is a lovely character and as you read you know you would love to meet her and most certainly stay at her Bed and Breakfast. Saint Brianna is what her sister Maggie. sometimes calls her. The love story between her and writer Gideon Thane is touching, sad and laugh out loud funny at times. As ever the characterisation is wonderful and the plot twists and turns beautifully. I think the Irish Tourist Board should employ Ms. Roberts as she makes one wish to visit Ireland. Recommend it most heartily but would add if you read one of the books about the Concannon sisters you will read all three

- ryker_walker

As always I enjoyed another of Nora Roberts books, as she always manages to hold you and make you feel part of any story.

- camila_thompson

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