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If acting was as easy as punching your way through a wet paper bag, Vin Diesel would be a permanent pugilist. His dialogue lies somewhere between tuba and incoherent. So, I suppose this role is in his wheelhouse. There's no explanation of why he has a career, and there's no explanation of anything in this movie.

There isn't a single character in this movie that is likeable or unique. Somewhere Alfred Molina is saying, "Hey! Wait just a minute!" Even the nanites were irritating.

The fight scenes are CGI heavy, giving the editing department ample opportunity to confuse the viewer with as many fast cuts as they could squeeze into a few seconds.

I wholeheartedly regret purchasing this movie and asking my 16 and 13 year old kids to watch it with me. I turned to them when it was over and apologized.

- marcos_white

Read some so so reviews and some bad ones, so I was skeptical. I took a chance and bought it. Glad I did. Turned out to be a really awesome movie. Don't understand the negative reviews. The story concept was cool, the acting was great, and the action was entertaining. My only complaint is that the trailer did, in fact, reveal too much. It would have been much better going in not knowing that he was being manipulated. As good as any Marvel or DC movie I've seen. The PG-13 rating worried me, only because of the movies concept, but they were able to pull it off. Its a movie I'd enjoy watching again.

- ephraim_diaz

. . .and that's all you need to know.


- yosef_cox

Just in case no one mentioned it, Sam Heughan is an actor who is in this movie.

- tristen_cooper

Just finished Bloodshot A must for any Sam Heughan fans. I wish I could see the alternate ending and deleted scenes. Hope they will be on dvd or blu Ray. Wonder who thought of the flour truck. Made it seem extra surreal

- braylon_reed

This is a good popcorn movie. Just sit back and enjoy it.

- skyler_chavez

We watched this movie at home after its digital release and enjoyed it a lot. Lots of action, a twisty plot, and good visual effects.

- frederick_sanders

Ok movie not amazing not bad just ok. Sorta boring for a lot of it I would say 40 good minutes in all. Worth a watch but $20 not really

- davion_cox

I didn't think much of this movie I was waiting for the action but only had a little action waiting for the punchline I only brought it because it had 4K Ultra HD and actor Vin Diesel which plays in the Fast and the Furious I thought it would be a great movie but turned out to be dead loss movie

- kyle_hernandez

Movie is great but I ordered the DVD and got sent this instead. Not happy

- evalyn_phillips

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