Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies is Changing the World [Paperback] [Jun 14, 2018] Tapscott, Don,Tapscott, Alex

Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies is Changing the World [Paperback] [Jun 14, 2018] Tapscott, Don,Tapscott, Alex

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By: Don Tapscott

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A very sound approach and an extensive analysis on Blockchain. I would recommend this book to those who are interested in understanding blockchain, applications and limitations.

- katelyn_anderson

A well written book, filled with examples and futuristic ideas we can all identify with. The book is quite useful and easy to understand. From page one I got hooked to the text and could deeply comprehend what is behind blockchain and its bright future.

- joy_scott

As a complete Blockchain novice, I found the Blockchain Revolution informative and easy to understand. If you'd like to understand Blockchain, this book is a good starting point.

- hayden_kelly

Very informative

- tinsley_torres

The most interesting, groundbreaking book I have read in years. This has got to be one of, if not the most, authorititive books out there on the blockchain. It does not focus on technical matters and can be read by a lay person not very familiar with how blockchain technology and cryptography work. Nor is it simply about Bitcoin (blockchains are about much more than Bitcoin). Less about how it works, than about how blockchain technology has the potential to transform the spheres of commerce, finance, management, public administration, politics, government and society in general (not to mention other applications). Must surely be compulsary reading for anyone wishing to explore how to create and exchange value, devise new business models and futureproofing in this age of information and big data. It is not however a book targeted only at e-commerce of financial services people. The authors explain how the blockchain could be a force for good, improving the outcomes for millions of people, particularly those in developing countries who are currently excluded from the financial system and the formal economy. They remind us of course that as with any other technology the blockchain is 'neutral', in that it is not inherently a 'good' or a 'bad' thing; it depends on how people choose to deploy it.

- kieran_martinez

I found this book to be quite a slog, with lots of repetition. It could have conveyed the same information with half the words. I regret buying it.

- tatiana_jimenez

Seems like a book written by someone trying to make money off the bitcoin hype. You will end up with nothing but half baked knowledge of what a few people are trying to do with blockchain technology. The author is like an astrologer who makes 10 big predictions and hopes atleast one of them would come true.

- cassidy_clark

A superficial and overly verbose description of speculative uses for blockchain which the authors often conflate with other unrelated technologies. Overall, this book reads like the Tapscotts didn't really grasp the fundamentals of the technology and instead decided to pad the text out with extended quotes from others. This is a book that breathlessly explores the uses of a technology that the authors didn't understand - take that as you will.

- phillip_sanchez

It's an ok book, but can't say I was enthusiastic. It does a good job of covering current developments around blockchain, but it doesn't develop a powerful vision. Some of the chapters, like the one on IoT, seem to mix the narrative on blockchain with that of other technologies.

- harper_hernandez

Almost all claims in the book are just guessing and theories, no hard data or specific on ROI of blockchain projects has been provided.
Also a lot of unfounded claims not related to blockchain (e.g. women rights, etc...). I would call the ideas in the book at least dangerous, it gives impression of new religious movement than real scientific understanding of blockchain impact on society.

- kyle_hernandez

The book is extremely repetitive. The very same idea is being repeated in a slightly different wording from page to page.
Would only recommend as a non technical reading.
For technical details of blockchain try something else

- charlee_kim

While the topic is somehow covered on a consistent high level, the reading is not a pleasure. It reads like an advertising, and the blockchain is praised as the solution to almost all social and economic problems. There are many repetitions, and oh so many names are dropped.

It could work, although. The two authors seem to be very well connected, therefore they should be able to find more critical voices even in this goldrush situation.

- hadassah_perez

I would recommend this book to business persons who want to understand possible applications of blockchains. The authors have detailed multiple use cases of blockchains that could impact finance, arts, music, governance, etc. I liked the parts where it explained how the double entry ledger impacted the world and why the blockchain could have a similar or more impact. Tech geeks who are looking for technology or implementation level detail would be disappointed by the book. They are better off getting details on the internet.

- odin_ortiz

The book is phenomenal but you are not buying a book with 991 mrp. It is 499. Consider the discount offered on this book at your own peril.

- jad_cox

I can't argue with how the book is written and researched. That's not the problem, the problem is it trails off into the promise of the blockchain technology but doesn't offer much in the way of real-world examples and tangible results that bring the technology to life. It feels a bit like a sales pitch at times. I also would have liked to see some more graphics in the book to illustrate the finer and more complex points of how the technology works. I learned a lot from this book, don't get me wrong, but it left me wanting for more.

- brylee_reed

Ich kann leider das Buch nicht empfehlen.

Ich finde es sehr lang, für den wenigen Inhalt, der es bietet. Es beinhaltet nur wenige Ideen, die sich im ganzen Buch wiederholen, überflüssig behandelt werden und nicht richtig argumentiert werden.

Das Lesen war mir langweilig und ich hatte beim Lesen das Gefühl, das ich mein Zeit verschwendete.

Als Konsument von Don Tapscott Bücher, bin ich diesmals sehr enttäuscht !!

- elsie_smith

Got to read for the first time such a comprehensive book on Cryptocurrency & associated phenomena at digital world level. A wonderful book for self educating on Blockchain concept and analysis on prospective utility.

- luka_hill

Propaganda. La blockchain rivoluzionerà tutti i settori così come li conosciamo? Benissimo, ma questo libro non ci dirà mai come. Probabilmente perché gli autori stessi non ne hanno idea, ma allora perché scriverci un libro sopra? Non un solo concetto viene presentato in profondità e chiarezza, neanche il meccanismo di decentralizzazione alla base del Bitcoin. Uno spreco di tempo e denaro.

- alice_cooper

Amazon deli6was good. But the book is useless. It doesn't talk about the technology. It is much like a self-help book.

- megan_foster

Good introduction to the blockchain tech. Has chapters that go through the applications of blockchain technology in many diverse fields.

- braylon_reed

This is the technology of tommorow in india.
It wouls be great if powerful people start understanding it and bring it in india and not send us back another 10 years.

- brielle_smith

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