Birds Of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Birds Of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

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Why couldn’t they have just made a good movie about a female antihero team, instead of this woke new wave feminist propaganda/Margot Robbie vanity project. All men are either useless, stupid, misogynistic, evil or some combination of all. And the hero of this film is a narcissistic, violent, psychopath who loves egg sandwiches, isn’t that cute, funny quirky and irreverent, laugh! You non-progressive oppressor. Btw, in what way was she emancipated? She had no restrictions on her behavior at any point, she makes no growth as a character, the one thing she does get over is her breakup with the Joker, but we never see him or the dynamic of their relationship, no codependency, abuse, nothing hinted at that she suffered from and then later overcame through the course of the movie. Leaving all of the subtext and messaging aside, the movie on its own merit isn’t good. The villain couldn’t be any weaker and more forgettable, the characters are paper thin because there are too many of them to flesh out and the whole poop out the diamond storyline, what is this a 1980s TV show? It’s uninspired, unimaginative and dated. I can’t think of one memorable scene in this movie I liked and no I can’t get into fight scenes in which 200lb stuntmen fly around trying not to accidently hurt 120lb women in heels, makeup and wigs. How are they able to break bones or knock them out with one blow? There’s no context in terms of rigorous training or super strength or agility. No, they’re kicking their butts with feminism and if you don’t like it you must hate women. Good luck with that marketing and trying shame people into liking your movie WBs, because it worked so well with Ghostbusters. It may sound like I didn’t enjoy this film, but if it had a little bit more narration it might have swayed me, there were 2mins or so of screen time in which there wasn’t any narration either telling me what I was about to see with my own eyes or trying to fill in holes in the swiss cheese storyline in postproduction. At least Suicide Squad was just a bad movie, this is a bad movie that makes you feel like Alex in a Clockwork Orange. You’d better watch and see what a terrible person you are for having a penis and if you don’t I’ll tell the world it’s because you’re scared of empowered vaginas. I wonder how all of the people that made, support or just enjoyed this film would feel about it if all of the gender roles were switched and if the answer is, they’ve already seen Hollywood make those films, then I hope they have enough self-awareness to then understand how I felt watching this.

- katelyn_anderson

Full disclosure, I went in thinking this movie was going to be...well...bad. I’m far from perfect, but at least I can admit when I’m wrong. And I was definitely wrong. This movie was incredibly fun! The characters were so ‘real’, yet very colorful. The tone was very light and still pretty dark. Admittedly, I was worried that, considering it’s 2020, the feminism would be over the top, but honest to god, it was more subtle in the entire movie than it was in that one scene in Endgame. You know the one... Anyway, the music was spot-on, the action was VERY well done and plentiful, the story was easy to follow, but had layers if you look, and the characters were just so three-dimensional. Of course Margot is the star, but Ewan McGregor knocked it completely and totally out of the park. Would easily watch a movie with his character as the lead.

- theodore_morris

This movie suffers from Margot Robbie's overconfidence. She doesn't know her source material at all, which is an insult to comic book fans, she puts her character over the others, turning this film from less of a girl gang movie into a "look at me I'm the best" movie. From the ridiculously long title, to the glorifying of only her character, to the queer-baiting this film is a mess. The action is poor, clumsy and unbelievable, the story makes no sense, and rambles. By making every single antagonist male, from the cops to all the gangsters there is some male bashing going on (are you telling me Rene Montoya was the only female cop in all of Gotham, oh and not just the only female cop but the smartest too? That's all Gotham has, one female cop who is clearly smarter than her male counter parts). Also by claiming that HQ came up with all of Joker's best scheme's is stupid, so what was he doing before her to become the Joker? Nothing? It's more of that fatal Charlie's Angels problem, not only are all men bad, they must all be stupid too? There was potential here that is wasted for a glorified vanity project. There is a great deal of arrogance shown in this film. If you want a great superhero female empowerment film that is well written and well put together see Wonder Woman.

- christopher_nguyen

My wife fell asleep during the movie and she was the lucky one... I would have left the theater, but the theater was our house and it was cold outside.

Most of the movie is...Harley being drunk and destructive, but not in a fun way, or people who want to hurt her because of aforementioned destruction ... and the movie is almost over before something resembling a plot emerges, that you almost want to get behind, but not really since you don't have a strong connection to any of the characters except maybe Harley...and has her character been built beyond the one dimension of just doing what she wants, when she wants, because it feels good at the time? No. She is just going with the flow either wanting to have fun, or stay alive.

Save yourself $20, there are terrible movies here on Amazon you can watch for free.

- arian_green

Not worth going to the movies and certainly not worth $19.99. Strongly wish I could get a refund. Just a bunch of unrealistic situations & forced story lines.

- arya_wright

Birds of Prey is like DC and Warner Brothers answer to Deadpool. It’s just as violent and off the wall. With Margot Robbie owning the Harley Quinn character. As well as owning every scene she is in.

- ryan_martinez

La compré importada debido a que la fecha de lanzamiento de la edición nacional se ha retrasado en más de dos ocasiones por el panorama actual. Sin embargo, no me arrepiento dado que el slipcover tipo brilloso es excelente y la película, si bien no es perfecta, es sumamente entretenida y mi tercera preferida del DCEU detrás de Wonder Woman y Man of Steel.

- kyrie_anderson

Divertida, audaz, genial Harley Quinn!
Ojo, esta es version USA, la copia digital es para región USA. Yo adquirí solo por el Blu ray disc y DVD.

- finnegan_martinez

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