Beginning Web Application Development with Node

Beginning Web Application Development with Node

By: Ambily K K

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A comprehensive tutorial-style eBook that gets you from zero to native Web application development with JavaScript in no time.

Each chapter will cover simple examples and explain the concepts in detail. Exercises provided at the end of each chapter will help practicing the concepts. In last chapter, we will develop end to end web application using MEAN (MongoDB, Express, AngularJs and Node), which will be cross-platform and cross-browser.

Furthermore, the reader will be introduced to every tool and all JavaScript language constructs needed to fully master web application development with Node: Express, Bootstrap, Bower, Grunt, NPM, AngularJs, MongoDB, and more.

Following are some of the topics covered in the book is:
1. How to setup Node for Visual Studio?
2. How does the Node Package Manager, NPM work?
3. How the routing configuration using Express?
4. How to use the razor like view engine, Vash to define the MVC based application?
5. How to use Bower to install client side frameworks?
6. How to use Grunt to speed up the development?
7. How to access SQL Server from Node?
8. How to access MongoDB from node application?
9. An end to end application using MongoDB, Express, AngularJs and Node
10. And so on…

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