BALENNZ Workout Shirts for Men, Moisture Wicking Quick Dry Active Athletic Men's Gym Performance T Shirts

BALENNZ Workout Shirts for Men, Moisture Wicking Quick Dry Active Athletic Men's Gym Performance T Shirts

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I have been buying different brands of shirts on Amazon, these are probably the best I’ve got. They are very well made and the fit was as expected (loose fit). Great for working out or for casual wear. Very similar to Nike Dry fit. It sufficiently wicks sweat away to cool you during your workout. I like these better because they have Raglan sleeves.

- matteo_gray

These workout shirts are no different than Under Armour’s. Fabric is light and breaths well. It’s almost like wearing no shirt! Great for fishing or working in hot weather. They have odor protection and last throughout the day. No need to order a size up. Fits fine! Same size with Under Armour.

- charleigh_rogers

I have maybe 20 different plain workout shirts. All the popular brands adidas, nike, UA, 32 Degree,generic brands. I've been wearing nothing but workout shirts for the last few months because of the stay at home orders and covid19 so needed to get a few more.

These definitely stack very well to UA and nike. The fit is really good. Not too tight and not too baggy, they don't have any brand or logo which is how I like it. For the price you can't beat the quality/value.

Will definitely buy more colors soon.

- kensley_watson

I ordered a pair of this T-shirts last week. They arrive without any delay. As soon as I could put a hand on them, the first thing I notice is that they don’t have any logo or tag not even inside, so if you are concerned about tags scratching your skin you don’t have to worry about these. As soon as I tried the shirts on me, I noticed how good they fit, they mold your body like a glove, not too tight, no too loose, just perfect to seen how your muscles grow when you work out. The collar also is not too wide or stretch, and they are very comfy, and honor the size, the most important thing to consider when you buy clothes online. As I said, I bought a pair of this shirts, the quintessential and always practical black T-shirt and the trendy and nice looking royal blue, and In the future I am planning to buy more from this vendor, specially if they come out with more colors. So, In conclusion, if you like a well made T-shirt to work out or even to go out and don’t like the flashy t-shirts with logos, pictures or text everywhere, this is the T-shirt that you must add to your closet.

- lawson_allen

Excellent product . ..sweat wicks away, drape-not too tight, smooth comfortable material, most reasonable price!

- pierce_perez

I really like this product.. true to size and i love how it fits me..and black color shirt looks good on me.

I do like the materials of this shirt plus its a quick drying shirt and does help when working out. I prefer not sweating so much even when doing intense training.

I would definitely purchase another set for my day rotation since I go to the gym 4-5 times a week

- ariel_adams

I’ve bought tons of workout clothes of this brand over the years and I’m a fan of most of their products. These shirts are comfortable, sized right and keep you much cooler than regular shirts. The fit is loose and comfortable, and they dry super fast with no odor issues. They are my go to for all workouts and i even use them as undershirts.

- hana_kim

The cloth is so soft and perfect for workouts. I am really amazed by the quality that is delivered for this price.

- lindsey_reed

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