Avery 3279 Printable Heat Fabric Transfer Paper for DIY Projects on Dark Fabrics -- Make Custom Bandanas, Pack of 5

Avery 3279 Printable Heat Fabric Transfer Paper for DIY Projects on Dark Fabrics -- Make Custom Bandanas, Pack of 5

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These transfers are excellent BUT READ THIS REVIEW AND INSTRUCTIONS !!! I destroyed many Shirts and transfers before I figured out that dark T-shirt transfer images don’t have to be reversed and you have to place a sheet of the included special paper in front of the iron. Therefore use the photo paper setting on your printer... DO NOT USE THE IRON ON TRANSER SETTING BC IT MAY MIRROR IMAGE THE final. I recommend testing the image on a plain piece of paper first then putting your T-shirt on and placing the paper on your shirt to test if image size is perfect. I do 2 T shirt images per page bc one 8.5x11 is too big. My photo of 4 shirts only took 2 transfers (especially if for a small or kids not XXL). ALSO TAKE THE PAPER BACKING OFF THE TRANSFER BEFORE IRONING! Put the T-shirt on look in the mirror and place it centered and mark with chalk or tape. Also I used a porcelain floor with a pillow case on top. Then I put the T-shirt face up with the image with the backing peeled off face up. Then you put the special paper on top and iron on high for only 1-2 minutes. Set a timer. Then I RECOMMEND HAND WASHING AND HANG TO DRY . Best of luck and have fun!

- beckett_sanchez

I too was weary of using this as I make vinyl heat pressed shirts and usually avoid ink jet transfers. I have to say I have amazing results. Keep in mind that I have not washed the items yet as they were services for other people. I also use a heat press, so I don't have to worry about pressure. For those interested here are some tips I can provide for great results.

*always print the BEST quality but make sure you list your paper as a matte product. It lays the ink accordingly.

*I realize this is a reach for the common user but if you have any die cut machine that will, use it to trim! I used the "print then cut" function on mine and it eliminated all the white space for me. This can be done by hand with an exacto pen for similar effect.

*if you followed instructions perfectly and your graphic is still slightly sticking to the paper, use a BRAYER. I pressed my shirts a few times and some spots still sticking. I grabbed a brayer I have and smoothed over the paper then gave a final press. I then smoothed it with the brayer again right after, then peeled. No problem!

*I prewashed the garment and skipped fabric softener.

*I preheated my garment to make sure all moisture was removed.
Those were the only noteworthy parts of my process and experience. Hope this helps others!

- adelina_jones

Problem: third grader wanted to do a piano/singing tribute to Bowie, and online printers would not print the design sought due to copy right, though we had modified some of the graphics. Their position was understood. Then I discovered the Avery transfer paper. I bought both the dark and the light color transfer papers not knowing which the little guy would prefer at the end.

Here is the upshot, working with both the light and dark paper:

• Wash and dryer dry your t shirt/fabric first. A shrunk fabric works best
• the more time you spend prepping and the closer you follow the instructions the better your end product
• don't be afraid of force (pushing down) and heat
• Trimming the extra paper on the light paper minimizing areas that will be clear but somewhat glossy
• Trimming the extra areas on the dark paper avoids transferring the color white to the fabric
• Through trial and error I figured out it is better to avoid sharp corners to make them round, reducing the risk of corners peeling off
• The side of the paper you print on is the white side for both dark and light paper, so make sure you know how to load the paper in your inkjet printer
• Your final print area can be larger than a sheet as you can cut images/words from the paper and space them or use them elsewhere on the shirt (for instance, arm badges can be printed in a corner of the same sheet)

• To avoid damage to the reverse side graphics, if you do a front/back design, use a large cutting board or a piece of flat wood slide it in the t-shirt that way the wood sits between the front and back. This also solves the issue of both sides of the t-shirt not being perfectly flat/ironed before you start

Light Color Paper:
• You need to print in reverse as the image is reflected back on the fabric. I used Powerpoint and flipped the images and writing and avoided the online Avery tool for doing so
• As mentioned before, you don't have to cut very precisely as you only leave behind gloss/clear where you don't trim

Dark Color Paper:
• You DO NOT need to print in reverse
• You need peel of the printed paper BEFORE initiating transfer with an iron -I wasted one sheet not bing careful
• The portion you don't trim transfer as white and you can create a border, rough or smooth, as I did with the front of the dark t shirt
• Peeling the transfer portion from the t shirt before ironing is difficult....I used tweezers and eventually I managed to peel off the backing
• You use an included parchment paper over the peeled paper to press the image onto the fabric

Final Impressions:
• Don't expect professional grade printing
• Recognize these are not permanent and are intended for fun and event needs
• Mistakes and rough edges on my work is my own haste getting in the way

This met my needs, to have a front/back t-shirt design on both dark and white t-shirts, using the appropriate paper for each color.

**** UPDATE *****
Both the white and black t shirts have been washed about 15 times each by now. And, they still look very nice.

- phoenix_morales

I will be honest, I was completely skeptical when I first got it. Then when I printed out the image in the highest print quality, I was even more skeptical. The print looked faded and colorless.

But... As soon as I put the iron to the pattern (over the tissue paper, of course), the colors popped, the pattern adhered very quickly and better than heat transfer vinyl.

Incredibly impressed. I use heat transfer vinyls to make custom shirts and totes ALL THE TIME, and this was 10 times easier and longer lasting. Will repurchase over and over again!

Printed with an HP Envy inkjet and cut out with a Silhouette Portrait cutting machine.

- anaya_gonzales

I used these to make birthday shirts for my daughter. I used my silhouette cameo's print and cut feature (cut speed 8, depth 9) and with my regular epson printer and I thought it worked really well! Even tho it's for dark fabrics, it is more stunning (and more forgiving) on white fabric. I applied using my heat press, at 305 for 10 seconds, and I used my teflon sheet. I should have also used the tissue paper it came with but I forgot to grab it from my office. We'll see how well they last, as I'm sure my daughter will be wearing these often. The glitter is siser glitter htv.

- jaelyn_taylor

I initially did not like 03279 sheets, but once you get used to them they work fine. These sheets, with the same model number have a different package. IMHO they are the identical product...no idea why the original and the new are sold alongside each other at different prices. I find that with my HP inkjet I have to use ordinary paper setting, not a matte photo-paper setting, or the ink bleeds all over the place. The instructions list printer settings for my HP that it does not have. Thus, I ruined two of the five sheets before I found a paper setting that worked. I take off a star on account of this. MY printer is an HP 8610, perhaps one of the most widely sold on the planet. The problem might be that it is being driven by Ubuntu (Linux), not Windoze. But this is becoming also quite main stream, so I'e expect a big outfit like Avery to cover this in their instructions.

- nathaniel_lopez

Printing use and quality - easy and great!

Transfer use and quality - simple and great!

The lasting quality of any of these iron-on transfers - meh. Washed inside-out on cold and hung to dry, I can see the colour starting to fade after only a few washes. And goodness forbid a cat walks on your chest while you're wearing one of the shirts, any claw will damage the finish.

These did print and transfer better than any off-brand I've used in the past and I was really hoping they'd last longer, too. Pretty disappointed, I dread to think I might have to get a proper T-shirt transfer press down the road, the transfers for those aren't cheap, either.

- julius_scott

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