ATHLIO 1 or 3 Pack Men's Cool Dry Short Sleeve Compression Shirts, Sports Baselayer T-Shirts Tops, Athletic Workout Shirt

ATHLIO 1 or 3 Pack Men's Cool Dry Short Sleeve Compression Shirts, Sports Baselayer T-Shirts Tops, Athletic Workout Shirt

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Bought these shirts for wicking away sweat on hot Florida days. First order was for Large. Looked like they were spray painted on me (not pretty). Returned for XL and still WAY too tight. If you have a perfect body and want to show it off, these are for you. I'm over 70. Need I say more?

- elliott_reyes

For years I've been looking for a replacement for the Starter brand compression shirts that are no longer being produced. Here they are. I'm so happy I squealed like a stuck pig when I first tried them on! I wear a 3x t shirt and I bought a large and they are perfect compression shirts.

- sarah_morris

I read the reviews before I bought and I’m glad I did. I’m 6’1” 220lbs and used to be 360lbs. I need a compression shirt for working out because the extra skin bouncing around hahaha this is great for that but I bought a large and that’s where the actual compression is for sure. Had I bought a XL it would’ve been too big. So buy a size smaller than normal. They feel great and seem like a nice quality. They are long and even the smaller size on a big guy it stays tucked.

- henrik_smith

If you wear a uniform for work, then you understand how much of a pain the uniforms can be to wash and finally iron/press for a crisp appearance. I'm 6'4 and weigh anywhere between 240 to 270 pounds (at any given time, lol), I wear a large and it works great for me over ruling the suggestions of the page. Versus Under Armour, these were a steal and are a little looser as far as size when I tried to keep everything looking the same from these two different companies in my drawer. If you're new to this style of shirt, then you're going to hate it until you get use to the style like me. I didn't like how tight that it was (you wouldn't take this to bed), but later appreciated that it doesn't get in the way of your routines and it's able to absorb body odor so that you're not having to wash your uniform as often. The only thing I didn't like about Athlio's version was the long tag around the neck region, but you can easily cut it off so that it's not digging into your spine. After the first wash, you couldn't read anything anyways from the tag; so again, you'd cut it off and make it a point to wash it in warm or return from the site from which you ordered it from and read the care instructions online...

- isaiah_campbell

I Totally Love these Shirts. They me Just the way I Need them to. I workout for 2 hours, 4 times each week. I like to wear Several Layers to increase The Burn. These Shirts are Great for my 3rd Layer. And I love the Long Tail that Stays Tucked In. Even with my Crazy Intense Workout.

For Reference; my Chest is a 44, and my Waist is a 36. The Medium fits me like a Snug Glove; which I was Going For.

If I did not want Maximum Compression, I could have gone with an Large.

- everett_brown

I like the shirts, but they seem to run a little bit big. I’m 5’9 and 245 and got XL and not as tight as I hoped, but does have some compression. Next time I’ll get a large. I don’t use them to workout, so not sure if they are good for that.

- ashlyn_peterson

I was very impressed with these compression shirts. As a police officer I usually buy Under Armour shirts to wear under my ballistic vest but decided to try something that was less expensive. I am 6-2 195 lbs and the large fit great. They are longer then the Under Armour shirts. I have a long torso and the Under Armour never seemed long enough and would ride up under my vest. The fabric is also much softer and wicks moisture just as well. The compression is pretty snug without being to tight. Highly recommend!

- rowan_lopez

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