Amazon Brand - Spotted Zebra Boys Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

Amazon Brand - Spotted Zebra Boys Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

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A smooth, nicely-weighted fabric; solid seams and hems; consistent sizing; nice vibrant colors in a wide variety of choices: Honestly, this "Spotted Zebra" line of clothing is a great choice for my two grandkids (ages 4 and 6). There's nothing "trendy" going on here -- these are simply very good, basic, every-day school and play clothes. And the price point can't be beat! The little ones "needed clothes for Christmas," and I'm very grateful for this brand. I can afford to look more generous than my budget would normally allow. Better yet, the kids will look and feel good in clothes that they'll outgrow long before the the clothes wear out. What could be better? :)

- dylan_evans

Bought the "genius" four-pack set for my 18 month old toddler two months ago. He has wore them a lot, we have washed them a lot and the colors remain bright. He appears to be comfortable wearing all four shirts. He will outgrow them soon, I think, but so far, so good...
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- nayeli_patel

These were very soft to the touch and seem to be of quality material. The only thing that was questionable for me was the shoulders. It seemed a bit odd where the stitching was and made the shoulder portion stand up in an odd way giving it an odd shoulder look. My son did love the prints and all of the colors. Despite the awkward shoulder, we both are still pleased with the set for its value!

- erika_cruz

I totally get get what you pay for!! Five shirts for ONLY $30. They did not last long at all and if your anything like me -Raising kids and trying to make ends meet then $30 is A LOT of money. It is for me anyways. So to have these shirts for 2 weeks worn ONLY 1 time, 3 out of the 5 have holes on the back front and sleeves. Yes, I followed the wash and dry directions on the shirts. I need my kids clothes to last so I am pretty serious about following directions on the wash and dry rules on all articles of clothing. So if you don't have $30 to waist on something your kids will get to wear one time only DO NOT purchase these shirts. Sounds like a good deal...... definitely not a good deal. Just a Mom out here trying to help you not waist your money also.

- alonzo_thompson

I was looking for long-sleeved shirts suitable for pajama shirts. I wanted to find something for our growing grandson that is inexpensive so it wouldn't be a big deal if he got them stained. I found these and selected the "chompers" shirts because of the bright, versatile colors, the pocket details, and because I thought the chompers ones were fun. We got them and opened them when our little guy was here at our home. We were very pleased with these shirts. They were much better than I expected. The fabric is a light to medium weight cotton. All of the stitching looks good and the contrasting colors appear well-matched. The fit is really great. He's 12 years old and filling out and these shirts are roomy enough to fit and hang nicely on him without looking sloppy. The arm length is slightly longer than needed, but that's fine because they may shrink in the wash since they're 100% cotton. They're so soft, too! He absolutely loved them! That's the best part for me. These shirts are good for just about everything -- not just pajamas, but also to go with jeans, fleece and other pants, and as undershirts in layering. So far, I'm completely satisfied. If something goes wrong after a wash or 2, I'll come back and update it here.

- sophia_jones

These are really cute and fit my son fine but they are cheap. Had to cut threads off all of them. Why are boys cloths made so cheap when they are so hard on them!

- eliezer_myers

My son needed some long sleeve shirts. He is very slim with long arms and long legs. I bought these shirts expecting them to be a little big but they actually fit him as if he's had them a while. They are very light material and very comfortable. If you buy some, buy one size up from the size you usually buy unless your child is very slim like mine.

- abril_patel

I got these for day care wear, and they far exceeded my expectations. The fabric is soft, it’s well stitched, and the prints are super cute.

- alisha_cook

good quality cotton product. I just looove it
worth all the money
The drawn on the chest is very good as well.
Don't forget to follow the label intructions which is very important to maintain a good material quality.

- alexia_lopez

I’d read reviews on these tops before buying and wasn’t sure as it was about 50/50 likes and dislikes. I purchased ten altogether and I am really impressed with them. A nice soft material and well made. They have been washed and have kept the shape and no colour run. Really good value for money. The only negative I found was no washing instructions so I washed them at 40 degrees.

- reign_brown

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